PHOTOS - First look at the cakes and pastries of Amorette's Patisserie at Disney Springs

Apr 15, 2016 in "Amorette's Patisserie"

Posted: Friday April 15, 2016 9:07am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Amorette's Patisserie will open on May 15 at Disney Springs, bringing high end pastries and cakes to Walt Disney World.

Located in the Town Center, an on-stage kitchen at Amorette's will gives guests the chance to watch the pastry chefs at work in this Disney owned and operated patisserie. And if you are wondering where the name came from, Amorette is "little love" in French.

According to the official Disney Parks Blog, items available will include eclairs, New York-style cheesecake, opera cake and sacher torte. Special sweets have names like “Reflection in Memphis” (peanut blondie with bacon, banana and chocolate) and Strawberry Fields of OC (strawberry mousse with basil sugar and lemon curd). Amorette’s Signature Cake is beautifully decorated, with 10 layers of flavors and textures.

Beverages are also available, including Champagne and Amorette’s Hot Chocolate Ganache, a cupful of sippable chocolate with Chantilly and shaved dark chocolate on top.

Beginning May 22, Amorette's will also take cake orders with 72 hours notice, at 407-934-3500.

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FigmentForver96Jun 02, 2016

Just stopped by for a second time at Disney Springs to check this place out and oh my God if you haven't been you need to go....whenever you visit the resort of course. I didn't want to do anything crazy so I played safe and got the cheesecake. It was sweet but not to sweet to where you didn't feel like you could finish it. Honestly they have alot of good choices here and I expect myself to be back....a lot

emcclayJun 02, 2016

Because good pastries focus on flavor and not the sugar factor :)

Texas84Jun 01, 2016

Very good. Got the Sunrise Tokyo Bay and the Opera. To me these cakes seem to emphasize the flavors without being overly sweet.

JohnWDMay 31, 2016

How'd they taste? The cakes look delicious!! I bought the 3 for $10 chocolate chip cookies - good price, ok taste.

Texas84May 31, 2016

Picked up a few cakes today. The customer service here is top notch.

Texas84May 23, 2016

I'm bringing a big cooler next weekend so I can take some back home to friends and family. :hungry:

cindy_kMay 23, 2016

I visited on Friday night. I really enjoyed it. Its very entertaining while on line because you get to watch the pastry chefs work on decorating the cakes. We were greeted near the door by a cast member who explained the process to us and pointed out the dumbwaiter and explained that everything was baked onsite upstairs. Since it was quite busy, we had to wait on line a bit. When we got to the order taking section, we were helped by a cast member who took us to a counter section that had all the cakes available in it. He asked us what our favorite flavors are and then he recommended some of the selections based on our responses. I got a cheesecake, and my boyfriend got the key lime pie. Both were excellent. After the CM puts your order on a tray, you move to the next station, the registers, to give any drink orders and pay. If you just want some to go stuff that they have you can head straight to the registers. They have a few standing tables to eat at inside, and there are some patio tables and chairs outside. We stood inside to eat, since a table had opened up right after we paid. It is quite echoy noisy in the building. Outside would have been nicer but it was busy so I didn't want to miss out on the obvious quick table grab. I will definitely visit again, though it will be a debate now between cakes or ice cream. :)

emcclayMay 20, 2016

Thank you for the great review and wonderful pictures!

toolsnspoolsMay 19, 2016

I'm having trouble reading the details on the cards. All I see is three items marked Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. :hungry:

disney4life2008May 18, 2016

OMG I am in heaven.

wdwmagicMay 18, 2016

REVIEW - Amorette's Patisserie at Disney Springs

jaklgreenMay 18, 2016

That is what I was thinking when I read the post. But maybe roj2323 does not understand some of the terms like chiffon, or pate de fruit. Basically all they are is cake with filling Except the pavlova, which is a meringue. I think that they are pretty well described but I bake so I know what all of that means. A quick google search on your phone could help you or you can ask at the counter. They cant possible list every single ingredient, after all when you get a cake it just says cake, not flour, eggs, etc. A lot of people, especially those that are not foodies, are afraid to try something if it sounds "too fancy". I live in the midwest and most of the people here are like that and turn their nose up at what they do not know. They think scones are fancy. I believe that a person should try everything at least once in their lives. These pastries are little works of art and more often then not are super delicious. Unless you have allergies, then pick one and enjoy. The worst thing that can happen is that it is not your favorite and so you do not get it again.

halltdMay 18, 2016

What am I missing? The items are displayed under glass in all their yummy glory with descriptions of each item directly behind them...allergy notes are included as well.

roj2323May 18, 2016

Descriptions telling me what's in each item is important to me.