'Wonderful World of Animation' brings fireworks back to Disney's Hollywood Studios and includes news scenes from recent movies

Aug 02, 2021 in "Wonderful World of Animation"

Wonderful World of Animation August 2021
Posted: Monday August 2, 2021 7:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios saw fireworks in the park last night for the first time in over year with the return of "Wonderful World of Animation."

The 12 minute projection show takes guests on a journey through 90-plus years of Disney and Pixar animated films, including blasts from the past and rarely seen characters, as well as new favorites and classic stories.

You can see video of the finale below and the full show in 4K here.

As we have also seen at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom, the lasers were missing from the show, but there have been some updates to the show to include more recent movies including Soul.

"Wonderful World of Animation" begins with Mickey Mouse, as the park’s iconic Chinese Theater transforms into the black-and-white world of the classic short film, “Mickey’s Gala Premiere.” From there, the show celebrates Mickey’s starring role in “Fantasia,” and includes scenes from “Coco” and “The Incredibles” to “Sleeping Beauty” and “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

With the return of "Wonderful World of Animation" Disney's Hollywood Studios has one of its nighttime show back, although we still have no confirmed dates for the park's main nighttime show, Fantasmic!, or the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular show.

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dreday3Aug 06, 2021

We've always passed this by, never having time. I watched some videos of it yesterday...it's funny! Like laugh out loud funny! We are making a point to visit it this trip!

Brooklin Disney DadAug 06, 2021

New routine or same old same old?

ChristianGAug 03, 2021

Yeah, it's probably safe to say they wont return at all during this "final" leg of performances. That being said, the Harmonious preview did feature lasers, so I'm going to assume that lasers will be returning for Disney Enchantment as well. Maybe it's difficult to rework the lasers for a new show while concurrently using them for a running show. I just wonder what the deal is with WWOA... Also side note, I remember Fantasmic having issues with its upgraded lasers before it shut down, I wonder what that will look like when Fantasmic finally makes its return.

CrazydisneyfanlukeAug 03, 2021

Does anyone know the reason for no lasers? All are off in the shows.

gerararAug 03, 2021

You are right! I just figured the laser effect may be on like i thought in this screenshot. The rest of the projections turned off, but the “applause” is still highlighted, so my assumption was that it’s laser. But this is what it normally looks like, much brighter and “flashier”. So it it’s just the projection underlay working. RIP lasers.. :(

ChristianGAug 03, 2021

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the "applause" is normally a projection with the laser text flashed on top of it, so I believe what is currently being shown is just the projection because none of the other castle lasers are operating (i.e. the strobes at the beginning, the spirals during Friend Like Me, etc.)

TrainChasersAug 02, 2021

Oh like world of color style? That’s cool.

gerararAug 02, 2021

Lasers on water.

TrainChasersAug 02, 2021

I’m not watching cause I’m trying to keep it spoiler free... were they actually lasers in the harmonious show? Or the moving lights that are mounted on the truss of the lagoon barges?

gerararAug 02, 2021

Lasers have definitely been working in Epcot at least as evident by the lasers used in that Harmonius sneak peak video from last week (which was filmed during the various testing over the past months) But as for any show shown to the public, nada. Edit: now that I recall, lasers are used on the castle during HEA —especially look at the genie scene and where it flashes “Applause”.

MinthorneAug 02, 2021

The lasers have all been moved to The Seas in Epcot - for the sharks.

Vinnie MacAug 02, 2021

I remember someone telling me that it was cause of another reason, but with its absence from the WWoA, I feel like it's definitely either FAA related reasons or maybe a third party operator like TrainChasers suggested.

TrainChasersAug 02, 2021

Were lasers provided / operated by a 3rd party?