Walt Disney World Railroad closing for two weeks in April

Mar 29, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Railroad"

Posted: Tuesday March 29, 2016 3:03pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Walt Disney World Railroad will be closed for refurbishment during April 2016.

The work begins on April 11 through to April 22, reopening to guests on April 23 2016.

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Horizons78Jul 03, 2016

Wish I could like this more than once! That's great news!

KYWDWJul 03, 2016

Shew I was getting worried. Hopefully, early 17 and not end of 17. Thanks for the news.

articosJul 03, 2016

She's finally over the hump and should show back up for 2017.

wogwogApr 30, 2016

The steam train is not on the refurb schedule for the rest of the year. At least not yet. BTM however is down all of October. Aug 8 to Nov 18.

WDWAshlwy16Apr 30, 2016

Does anyone know or have a way of finding out if the railroad will be down for refurbishment in October as well? I'm pretty sure I recall it being down every fall.

spectromagic04Apr 27, 2016

Seems like it the MDE app has it open from 9am-9pm today.

adam.adbeApr 27, 2016

So did this happen?

wogwogApr 22, 2016

Signal electrical work and station refurb.

eggApr 22, 2016

What changes were made? Fixing up a part of the track, I assume, but if there was anything else please let me know. Just quoting this because I want to know the same. Does anyone know?

buseegalApr 22, 2016

don't know if I could do the walking involved but I should try to take the shop tour at strasburg railroad. plus husband would have to deal with granddaughter as she is too young for tour

wogwogApr 21, 2016

New up and running date is April 27. Testing on the 26th but no guests riding. The Welcome Show is performing with the dancers and the Mayor at the normal time.

Wdw62114Apr 19, 2016

Maybe their adding real ticket booths at the stations so it will be a "pay to ride" :p

BoltApr 19, 2016

Lolol 2017 probably lolol

ford91exploderApr 19, 2016

Did they state the year, That has become important recently