New 'Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour' now available to book at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Sep 01, 2017 in "Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour"

Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour overview

Disney's Animal Kingdom is offering a new tour - giving easy access to some of Animal Kingdom's most popular attractions and shows.

Experiences included with the  'Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour':

  • Expedition Everest
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Na’vi River Journey
  • Rivers of Light
  • Satu’li Canteen sampler, beverage (adult or non-alcoholic available) and popcorn

The four hour tour is offered Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and costs $265.19 inc tax per person. A 15% discount is available for Annual Passholders, Disney Vacation Club members and Disney Visa cardholders. Theme park admission is required and not included.

Reservations are open now and can be booked now for tours beginning October 1 2017 via  407-WDW-PLAY (939-7529).

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Article Posted: Sep 01, 2017 / 10:11am EDT
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AEfxSep 08, 2017

We've been on that slope for awhile now...we are in the middle stage, IMO.

AEfxSep 08, 2017

Where do you get that idea? When you add in the group walking time, the attractions included, that 4ish hours is pretty much going to be a rush tour to begin with.

AEfxSep 08, 2017

I'll take that bet. People are stupid about Star Wars, so they can pretty much price that whatever they please and people will pay it. Avatar as the main draw? Nah. Especially with this recurring frequency - this is going to be one of those failures that quietly gets shuttered. Probably changed to fewer offering days at first, until it just disappears. A family of 4 is going to spend nearly $1100 plus park admission for four hours in AK with absolutely nothing unique or special. I have a hard time believing that people that could afford that would be willing to spend that kind of dough - because if they are the types that wasted their money like that, they wouldn't be able to afford it in the first place. Even those with "limited time" - in that case, you are talking over $1500 since you'd have to buy tickets anyway. There are not enough people on earth who care about Avatar that much to make that work, much less enough wealthy people that will be duped into it. If time is so limited, anyone who isn't ridiculously wealthy, without severe cognition issues, is going to say "well, that's half the price of a Disney vacation to begin with, let's just go when we have more time". Again, I hate to say it - they could get away with this with Star Wars. There are swaths of people out there who abhor WDW and Disney in general who will be compelled to come, and I could see them just paying through the nose to see exactly what they want to see and leave. But when Avatar is the central theme? This isn't going to last long. If you've got this kind of money to throw down, you are likely the type who can just afford a guided personal VIP tour to begin with.

ford91exploderSep 07, 2017

This is not aimed at the 1% this is aimed at the people who want to show off how much money they have on Facebook/Instagram VIP tours are the 1% product as you can specify exactly what you want

MisterPenguinSep 07, 2017

Find nine like-minded people to split the cost and do a 10-person Private VIP Tour. Then, for an average of $360, you can ride FoP as many times as the FastPass lane will allow in 7 hours.

Tavernacle12Sep 06, 2017

I wonder how much things like this are aimed at the 1% and they don't intend us regular tourists from ever seriously considering them.

jt04Sep 05, 2017

Sounds like the tour will be a lot more than just the attractions. Four and a half hours is what I read.

trampdogSep 05, 2017

RSoxNo1Sep 05, 2017

I assume you did stay on property though in order to get the FoP Fastpass. Not that it's the only reason to stay on property, but it helped.

potzieSep 04, 2017

On Friday we showed up at 4:30pm, rode Navi River (standby), 5:10 FP for FoP, then 6:40 FP for Safari, then rode Expedition Everest by 8:15pm on standby, then our Fp for Rivers of Light. Between FoP and Safari stopped at Starbucks and had a drink. We skipped Rivers of Light as it was raining and went and rode FoP again. According to this, I saved $265 and got to ride FoP twice.

matt9112Sep 03, 2017

don't mean to thread jack but is the FOP allocation 50%?

Biff215Sep 02, 2017

Or that there are simply enough people with money to burn. There are only 75 slots per week if they keep it to one group a day, so selling out doesn't show much about its value really. Let's see how long it lasts at this price.

jt04Sep 02, 2017

Calling it overpriced is not a correct use of the term. Saying you don't see value at that price is more appropriate. I have a hunch these tours could sell out. Which could mean they are under-priced.

Sunset7132Sep 02, 2017

I guess if i was wealthy i would do it lol but im not so it a definite no gooooooooooooo