Disney to trial transportation between Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach for new water park hopper

Mar 06, 2015 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Friday March 6, 2015 9:05am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will be testing a new direct bus service between Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach when Blizzard Beach reopens from its annual refurbishment on March 15 2015.

The Disney water parks will begin offering a new park hopper capability between the water parks when both are in operation, giving guests the ability to switch between parks as they do with the four main parks.

The new bus service between Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon will operate from midday through to one hour after park close.

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MansionButler84May 14, 2015

Surely the MBAs have embedded their Excel graphs into a PowerPoint by now. Wonder how successful this really was.

WDFMay 14, 2015

Thank you!

wdwmagicMay 14, 2015

It ended mid April unfortunately. It may be back, but as of now, it is back to transferring bus at a resort or at Epcot.

WDFMay 14, 2015

Does anyone know if this is still operating? Will it be running on Memorial Day Weekend?

Katie GMar 09, 2015

It will use 2 Water Park Fun & More entitlements. The only ticket with the water park hopper is the 1-Day Water Park ticket. If you go during a lower priced season period (basically anything except End of May - End of August) then its $53 for the 1-Day Seasonal Water Park Hopper and if you want to go during the peak period then its $58

JasonDeyoungMar 09, 2015

I like this option, see if it sticks around

PhotoDave219Mar 09, 2015

Well this actually makes a lot of sense. Makes you wonder why they didnt try it years ago.

mm121Mar 09, 2015

super cool idea, just would be great if they would make a locker hopper pass too, since would suck to have to pay for a locker twice.

BairstowMar 08, 2015

Probably correct. If you purchased tickets without the new waterpark hopper option, those tickets aren't going to be upgraded automatically.

BrerJonMar 08, 2015

My guess is nothing will change on the tickets. Tickets with unlimited water park use will still have that, while those with a certain number of visits will count two parks as two visits.

gwhb75Mar 08, 2015

So here's a question then... If someone gets an X day park pass with park hopper and the waterparks and more option, if they hop between the two waterparks in one day, will that use two of the waterpark entitlements, or just one (I guess what I'm asking is does the normal park hopper option apply to the waterparks too, or do they require a separate park hopper).

CheshireCat12Mar 07, 2015

This is great news! It means you can try both parks in the same day conveniently, and if you have a short visit it will make better use of your time.

note2001Mar 06, 2015

We've been waiting for this bus about 10 years now. About time it showed up.

BrerJonMar 06, 2015

I think this will be surprisingly popular, especially in peak periods when one water park might be out of sun loungers but the other still has lots of space.