Typhoon Lagoon reopens after annual refurbishment

Jan 05, 2015 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Monday January 5, 2015 8:52am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Typhoon Lagoon reopened yesterday following its annual refurbishment.

There are no major changes to Disney's most visited water park, but guests will find a few small updates.

To accommodate the new wider Buena Vista Drive alongside Disney Springs, the main entrance has been pushed further back and widened. Most of the props remain, although the area is still very much in construction, so perhaps more changes are coming.

Inside the park, you can find Singapore Shades by Sunglass Hut inside Singapore Sals, the parks main shop. An extensive range of high end sunglasses are on offer from Ray-ban, Oakley and more. Read more.

Despite speculation that the Shark Reef was set to permanently close, it has reopened and is operating as normal. No update yet on its future.

Finally, menus at some of the dining locations have been updated.

The Snack Shack now offers a Cornbread Waffle Sandwich with BBQ pork and coleslaw along with a Fruit and Chocolate Chip Waffle Sandwich.

Surf Doggies has a new Sausage Sub with peppers and onions.

Over at Leaning Palms you can find a new Chicken with rice and beans bowl and a new Plantain Burger.

Now that Typhoon Lagoon is back open, Blizzard Beach is now closed to begin its annual refurbishment through to March 14 2015.

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4disneyloversMay 25, 2015

Oh thank you! It was awesome. My son did it like 4 times and my daughter and I did it 3 times.

jessfriendsMay 25, 2015

I was at Typhoon Lagoon on May 12 or 13 and I saw signs that this was available to do but I did not do it. I did do the free option and saw a few people off to side doing the surface scuba. Looks like it would be fun.

4disneyloversMay 25, 2015

Sorry to bump this again, but we are headed down soon and really would like to know if we will be able to do the surface SCUBA. Does anyone know if this is still open???? It is different than the free shark reef side. We paid for this experience and it was awesome!

4disneyloversApr 05, 2015

Does anyone know if the surface SCUBA program is still available at shark reef? It was so worth the $20.

surfsupdonJan 10, 2015

So thrilled to hear that Shark Reef has stayed, and is open! One of my favorite attractions across the entire property

WDWtravelerJan 06, 2015

Photo update as of Tuesday, Jan 6. A few pictures of the new or updated entrance to Typhoon Lagoon to accommodate the reworked Buena Vista Drive. This is only the first layer of asphalt. Another layer of asphalt will be put down to bring the final surface to the curb level (which is one reason you see the orange barrels here).

MickeyPeaceJan 05, 2015

All of the refurb looks good. Especially the new menu options at Leaning Palms. The food was pretty bad at both water parks (and identical). Also happy that Shark Reef is still there. Sunglasses are ok too since some people just might want to lay on a towel in the sun and get a tan, with sunglasses on.

Club34Jan 05, 2015

this is probably in my top 5 disney parks. perhaps finally i will dive with the fishes since you never know when it will be taken away.

durangojimJan 05, 2015

Glad to see the Shark Reef is still there! Its loss would have made me more sad than I am about Maelstrom!

wdwmagicJan 05, 2015

Not that I know of, at least for now.

wdwmagicJan 05, 2015

Disney did not make any announcement or comment about Shark Reef.

Next Big ThingJan 05, 2015

Disney never officially said anything regarding Shark Reef.

BrerJonJan 05, 2015

I wonder how safe Shark Reef is? Seems strange for Disney to announce it closing then reopen it as if nothing happened. Maybe a bean counter got a bit trigger happy and decided to close it, but then saner heads prevailed and overrode the decision? Here's hoping anyway, it's one of the best things to do in WDW.

Next Big ThingJan 05, 2015

Do you know if Blizzard Beach planned to get a Sunglass Hut too, Steve?