Typhoon Lagoon closed today due to low temperatures

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Posted: Monday January 3, 2022 8:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Just a day after Typhoon Lagoon reopened to guests after a near 2 year closure, a cold front moving through Central Florida has temporarily closed the park today.

Typhoon Lagoon will be closed Monday January 3 2022, with temperatures around 60F, with a forecast high of 72F. Wind guests of up to 18mph are contributing to less than favorable conditions for the water park today.

Blizzard Beach is closed as part of its annual refurbishment.

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TikibirdLand10 days ago

TL just can't catch a break! It's one one of the best themed water parks around. Does Disney do a "Polar Bear Plunge" type thing at any of the water parks?

wdwmagic10 days ago

Coldest weather of the season arrives at Disney World and closes Typhoon Lagoon January 18 2022 https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/typhoon-lagoon/news/18jan2022-coldest-weather-of-the-season-arrives-at-disney-world-and-closes-typhoon-lagoon.htm

DCBakerNov 25, 2021

Will be closed Saturday, November 27th.

ThatMouseNov 08, 2021

Florida resident here. We don't ever call this poor weather! Loving it!

Q_DivisionNov 08, 2021

I get the closure at low-mid 50s but by the time we hit 70 is it really "cold"?

CrazydisneyfanlukeNov 06, 2021

I find it interesting when Blizzard Beach closes for cold weather, there is snow everywhere! It's more in theme...;)

Magicart87Nov 06, 2021

This just in: I'm getting reports that people don't like visiting waterparks when it's cold outside. Water park subject to closure during off seasons. News at 11.