PHOTOS - Back-side of TRON Lightcycle Run coaster show building nearly fully enclosed

Sep 29, 2020 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - September 21 2020

The TRON Lightcyle Run ride building is now almost completely enclosed as work continues on the back-side of the building.

Meanwhile at the front of the building, work continues on building and installing the canopy.

Click the gallery for more pictures of TRON Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom.

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Article Posted: Sep 29, 2020 / 11:24am ET
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tparris3 days ago

I would assume they need to install show elements inside the show building and figure out the spacing before they start test runs. Once the canopy is complete, push and pull should be able to start, but actual test runs of the attraction won’t come until much later. Besides, if the rumors about the delays are correct, I doubt they’ll even have any people on site at all for a while.

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

Wow...that’s the most “vekoma lookin” vekoma track I’ve ever seen!

Giss Neric3 days ago

So is it still true that they will just complete the canopy and halt construction in the meantime? I would assume after the canopy, test runs will ensue.

gerarar5 days ago

Pictures from Tuesday/Wednesday: 515602 515603 Source: recent MickeyViews video on the MK.

JEANYLASER9 days ago


jmuboy9 days ago

That’s my hope with this GOTG box - that more think tree planting are added to the left of this pic where the tree density thins out. Won’t solve it all. But will help.

Movielover10 days ago

You did it! You found the 1 place that this will look good and compliment the land, now everyone just needs to ride the speedway from now to eternity... ;)

corran horn10 days ago

That you'd see backstage from outside transpo? Has been a fact since probably day one of WDW.

lazyboy97o10 days ago

A ride was poorly placed in part because of the Skyliner...

marni197110 days ago

Play it all you like. It was an acknowledged flaw with the Skyliner route.

corran horn10 days ago

I'll play my 'outside the park' card. :D

IMDREW11 days ago

Well, believe it or not, but if you squint your eyes ever so slightly while moving your head from left to right and pretend youre seeing the sky, you still see the box.

FigmentFan8211 days ago

They're called "sky-marshmallows" you nerds!