PHOTOS - TRON rollercoaster construction at the Magic Kingdom

Jun 26, 2019 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

Tron construction site - June 2019

Here is a quick update from the TRON Coaster construction site at the Magic Kingdom.

More of the track is up since our last update earlier this month, and the compact layout is now really taking shape.

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Article Posted: Jun 26, 2019 / 8:47am ET
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UNCgolf7 minutes ago

I thought the exact same thing and meant to comment on it. The castle looks hideous in those photos.

LittleBuford30 minutes ago

Off-topic, I know, but those are some of the least flattering shots I’ve yet seen of the castle.

UNCgolf3 hours ago

I think Rise of the Resistance is one of the longest rides they've built (at least if you're counting all the preshows -- and I think they're a fundamental part of the ride so you should), but obviously not too many people have actually been able to experience that. Still, in general, you're right. As crowds have grown, they've essentially decreased capacity. They aren't building much like the classic EPCOT people eaters which were able to both board huge numbers of people per hour and lasted 10-15 minutes (or much longer in the case of UoE).

matt91124 hours ago

I meannnn we knew that since its same as the one in asia...its critically too short. As you said 7DMT is in the same boat....its really across thd board pick your favorite new ride and the ride length will be meh. I think theres an inherent desire for more cycles per hour vs just engineering more capacity via ride length and in this case block sections. The modern demand for these parks is amazingly high yet they haven't taken that into account with anything new. FOP is the only new ride that i feel like i got some good value out of it ride length wise.

danlb_20004 hours ago

There was a permit filed early on for the construction of those restrooms.

EricsBiscuit4 hours ago

Update from the Swiss Family:

T.Will5 hours ago

IIRC the Utlidors don't go out to Space Mountain. The furthest they go in Tomorrowland is to Buzz and Star Traders.

trainplane38 hours ago

Absolutely not breaking news but some kind of news I guess... I guess Tron is going to have a restroom in its area? Makes sense. Unless it's for the utilidoors?

jyn erso2 days ago

I know it contradicts the usual critical tone this forum takes, but god, I cannot wait for this ride. I just love Tron. I'm probably one of 10 people who love Tron as much as I do. I could get into how Legacy is really a better film than most give it credit for, but I won't, and instead I'll just scream internally because I'm going to get to ride a freaking lightcycle!!! And I'll probably cry wile doing it!!! (also no shade to being critical! i'm critical of the parks too but this is just something I'm just really really excited for and want to express such excitement. I know there's lots of things about this that can and should be criticized. Just trying to keep it positive!)

lazyboy97o3 days ago

It really is amazing how much is crammed into the footprints of the Matterhorn, Space Mountains and Big Thunder Mountain Railroads.

JoeCamel3 days ago

They could put launches and brakes in that section to slow it down ala space. I know where they build longer coasters

J45463 days ago

samesies. I really like the TRON movies and the ride has a really cool aesthetic with that light up canopy and launch into the swooping curve but its literally a 1 minute ride. 1 minute. that is soooo lame that I really really hope they dont build another on in Disneyland California.

Turtlekrawl3 days ago

I’m excited for Tron, but just like the other WDW coasters of this decade (SDMT, SDD) I wish it was longer. The first pic shows the size of the canopy loop. It takes up almost half the area of SM, but is only about a 10 second run. They could have fit more track.