More riders experience TRON Lightcycle Run as previews near at Walt Disney World

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TRON Lightcycle Run Cast Member riders
Posted: Monday January 23, 2023 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

TRON Lightcycle Run will soon be hosting the first round of previews, and today cast and crew were seen enjoying the ride during an event at Magic Kingdom.

It isn't clear who these early riders are, but contractors and crews involved in the construction are likely part of this preview.

Cast Member previews are planned February 6 and March 3, 2023, followed by Annual Passholder, Disney Vacation Club, Club 33 and D23 members. TRON will have its grand opening on April 4 2023.

Work is wrapping up on the exterior, with music playing, and signage uncovered.

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ToTBellHopLess than a minute ago

Just wait for the SanctiMommies to show up with strollers, appalled that Disney would build a ride at MK that locks out toddlers. “What am I supposed to tell Brady about this?! He was so excited! He watches TRON every day while I‘m at Zumba!”

Drdcm1 minute ago

I’ll be positive about this. I like both movies. I actually really like Legacy for the music and visuals alone (probably watched it 20+ times and my morning alarm is the overture from the movie). I’m looking forward to a sequel. I’m also really looking forward to this ride. It looks like a lot of fun.

Jrb19792 minutes ago

That's my issue with this ride and the majority of new attractions they put in. Sure Guardians and Tron are fun but they lack that theming that and story that was once made Disney different. IMO it's sad that Everest is the last coaster Disney built that had a good story, themed very well and was fun.

ToTBellHop7 minutes ago

As long as no more that 1% of guests fall out, we are good. Disney has set its own Disney SkyLiner Survivability Index+ of 99% so that’s the goal moving forward.

Incomudro11 minutes ago

I don't believe this ride exists for fans of these movies much at all really. It's mostly just a cool ride.

doctornick22 minutes ago

The "awkward" positioning is a big point of the ride. You wouldn't really have as strong of a sensation of being on a bike without it.

Movielover41 minutes ago

Don't really know, just posted that because you stated something that was factually wrong.

Hawg G46 minutes ago

What is the percentage of riders who even realize what is happening in that 2 seconds? One room should be a game grid, with an easily viewable adversary. Not some blink and you'll miss it event to the side of a train where it is uncomfortable to even try to see it. Your picture sorta proves the point.

Incomudro55 minutes ago

From the video of the large sized guy demonstrating fitting on the vehicle, I can see that the position is less radical than it appears to be. You're more or less sitting straight down, and just leaning forward a bit. I'd imagine some larger people and/or those with mobility or injury issues to hips or knees might have difficulty straddling that vehicle - especially during the mount and dismount.

ToTBellHop57 minutes ago

Maybe people just won’t ride and this will be relatively simple to ride like Cosmic Rewind…

Unbanshee1 hour ago

There has been some viral stuff about sizing that doesn't align with facts

EeyoreFan#241 hour ago

I’m guessing part of the problem is a lot of people think they won’t fit or are unsure just based on looking at it and reading rumors. It’s possible with a little time and experience (for both guests and operations) the balance of lines could be closer to what is expected.

Movielover5 hours ago