PHOTOS - Construction on some new projects comes to a halt at Walt Disney World

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TRON Lightcycle Run construction site - March 18 2020

Construction at Walt Disney World is being impacted by coronavirus, with several of the high profile projects coming to a halt this week.

Contractors working on the projects are following guidance on reducing large gatherings, which means the typical construction site teams which often involve hundreds of workers on-site are no longer viable.

At the Magic Kingdom, the usually busy TRON LightCycle Run site (pictured above) is at a standstill, and work seems to have also halted on the Cinderella Castle repainting project.

Some work has been taking place at EPCOT this week, although it is likely the numerous projects there will also be halted.

Smaller projects, such as the removal earlier this week of the former Disney's Hollywood Studios entrance appear to be continuing.

With the parks being empty of guests it would seem that now is an ideal time to make rapid progress on projects ahead of the park's reopening, but with limits on construction crew sizing, it seems this may not be possible.

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Article Posted: Mar 19, 2020 / 11:44am ET