PHOTOS - Latest look at TRON Lightcycle Run construction at the Magic Kingdom

Jan 04, 2021 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - January 4 2021

In our first look at TRON Light Cycle Run for 2021 crews are continuing to work on the exterior canopy along with closing up the building ahead of a planned pause in construction.

Most notably, the area where the track emerges from the building is now closed off to protect the building from the elements.

The canopy continues to progress, with the majority of the support structure now in place.

Click the gallery for more pictures of TRON Lightcyle Run construction.

Although a delay to the opening of TRON has not been announced, we understand that once the canopy is complete in January, work will be suspended until October 2021, with an opening planned for 2022. The ride was originally expected to open in Spring 2021 and be the centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom 50th celebration.

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Article Posted: Jan 04, 2021 / 10:12am ET
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bcoachable8 days ago

Boooo Booooo, Bad Form... (throws popcorn at the phone screen)

MadTeacup8 days ago

I'm only asking because the date on the Disney Parks Blog post hasn't been updated and still says 2022.

MansionButler848 days ago

Okay, time to pick this up, move it to Tom Sawyer Island, and retheme it.

Surferboy5678 days ago

TRON Uprising mimicked the music to pretty decent effect. It wasn’t on the level of Daft Punk but it worked.

jeanericuser0018 days ago

If I know disney they will probably use a cheap alternative possibly a dubstep copycat. The only question is what machine will they sample sound from when it comes time to do the instrumentation.

Surferboy5678 days ago

A shame, was hoping to see them for future TRON projects if they were to happen.

trainplane38 days ago

Some barely related to the Tron coaster news but I still bunch them together from this morning:

marni19718 days ago

The 50th birthday is this year. They’re atypically stretching the celebration out to promote it as much as possible.

JEANYLASER8 days ago

Tron: Lightcycle/run ride will be open next year for the 50th birthday!

CastAStone8 days ago

Ok in November they reconfirmed the previously communicated date. You caught me lacking absolute precision.

MadTeacup8 days ago

Really? Imagineering is stating that it's been pushed back to 2023.

lazyboy97o9 days ago

The panels are really just screwed onto the girts, the “beams” that run horizontally from column to column. They likely had to add some girts to the coaster re-entry opening as the panels are narrower than the opening. You’re right that the panels will have to be removed. There are likely panels that match the arched opening being stored somewhere for when they are needed.

JoeCamel9 days ago

@lazyboy97o How are the skin panels attached? Clips, rails bolts? Looks like they might remove the surrounding panels and install ones that fit the frame of the opening? I thought they were very long sheets but if they are rectangles then they might not lay flat?

CastAStone9 days ago

The reaffirmed the previously announced opening date for MMRR West in November so I don’t think they have plans to suspend construction there.