PHOTOS - TRON Lightcycle Run coaster construction at the Magic Kingdom

Dec 02, 2020 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - December 2 2020
Posted: Wednesday December 2, 2020 11:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at construction progress on the TRON Lightcyle run coaster at the Magic Kingdom.

Construction crews are continuing on the vast steal canopy that forms the outdoor section of the ride.

Click the gallery for more pictures from TRON Lightcyle Run at the Magic Kingdom.

TRON was originally to be the centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary celebrations debuting in Spring 2021, but that has now been pushed back, with an opening date still to be announced.

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TrainChasers39 minutes ago

It did!?!?

Rich Brownn40 minutes ago

I'm still trying to figure out why the background music on Main Street suddenly became Broadway Musical Loop

owlsandcoffee45 minutes ago

nor I, lol. I know! I wasn't sure if you did, cause I could see somebody mistaking WED for meaning Walt. Yeah, that's a good point! Yes, correct.

TrainChasers1 hour ago

I was being partially sarcastic (I don’t like shake yo tail feather at all). Walt was dead when Disney World was built. As I mentioned earlier both theme park fans and modern imagineers overthink this. People don’t actually want “immersive” they want to have fun. Now theming is important... but the overall theme is the park itself. Seeing a monorail at the Polynesian isn’t thematically correct, but it just works. Which is the better land, Disneyland Fantasyland? Or Galaxies Edge? I’d vote for Fantasyland anyday! But which is more immersive? Certainly Galaxies Edge.

owlsandcoffee1 hour ago

Might be sarcasm, I'm bad at reading that, but if you're serious I have mixed feelings about that. The night parades are usually contemporary fare and immersion is pushed aside. Main Street becomes a venue more than a themed experience. It's just part of the weird juggling act of themed entertainment. I was referring to WED that is now WDI, not Disney himself. He did like trains, haha and that could very well be part of the reason why they're visible everywhere. My larger part was that the inter-land transports are allowed to break immersion.

Animaniac93-982 hours ago

Michael Eisner thought so:

lazyboy97o2 hours ago

That’s not “Disney.”

TrainChasers2 hours ago

Yes! That was excellent as well. At Disneyland I kept riding the steamboat trying to get photos of the train along the rocks but I missed it everytime! Ha. I’ve spent so much time around coal smoke with steam locomotives a little tobacco probably isn’t going to do me in. Besides the smoking area was only one portion of the pathway. Why is a parade float with video screens and loud modern pop music rolling down Main Street? I like “shake yo tail feather” but it seems that hearing it could slightly break the immersion of Main Street USA.

Animaniac93-982 hours ago

MK should have got the Dinosaur tunnel when they closed UoE.

180º2 hours ago

But was King Louie intentionally visible from the Jungle Cruise? 🤔 The other unique thing I love about the Magic Kingdom is how visible the steam train is from outside the park on the East, so that it can be seen from the Contemporary and express monorail approach. It makes the “show” look seamless, as if there is no backstage in between the real world and the park. Same kind of illusion as when illustrated park maps try to convince you that, no, there’s not a loading dock behind Main Street. Just trees! 😬 The Vacation Kingdom knew how to make an entrance.

JoeCamel2 hours ago

He liked trains though, liked to see them everywhere. Wonder how many times he drove guests around and they were none the wiser?

owlsandcoffee3 hours ago

I think part of the confusion comes down to the painstaking efforts of WED to hide other out-of-theme areas from being visible. Seems weird to let the train be visible when it would break immersion. It's better to think of the train as the constant thread through the whole park, similar to the RoA or the steamboat.

JohnD4 hours ago

Um, DL train goes through Tomorrowland with a dinosaur show scene. By your logic why are 19th century cable cars going through modern San Francisco?

marni19716 hours ago

Hate to say it, but pre 1994 the train was intentionally visible in front of Space Mountain.