Toy Story Land's schedule for this week, including live stream of the dedication ceremony

Jun 26, 2018 in "Toy Story Land"

Posted: Tuesday June 26, 2018 8:23am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Toy Story Land is entering its final week with the countdown now on for the land's official opening on June 30 2018.

This is what the current schedule for Toy Story Land looks like:

  • Cast Member previews: June 26 and 27
  • Media and Travel Agent previews: June 28 and June 29
  • Grand Opening Dedication Ceremony: June 29 at 11am
  • Official Opening for guests: June 30 at 8am

The dedication ceremony will be for invited guests only, but will be broadcast live on the official Disney Parks Blog. The live stream will begin at 10:55am ET.

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J454617 days ago

I kinda wish theyd get rid of the 3rd track for TSM and gut that side of the building, make it an indoor "toybox" themed space with a couple small rides, a new entrance/exit to the land form the pixar alley, and the exit of TSM would put you right into the box whish would be way better than that terrible exit pathway

Magicart8717 days ago

With TriceraTop Spin getting removed in DAK any chance it'll wind up in TSL as a Trixie-themed spinner?

DCBaker28 days ago

Photo from today - a peek at the mural on the side of Woody’s Lunch Box support kitchen.

ToTBellHopMar 27, 2023

Thankfully, it was hideous as ToT, too. That thing was born ugly. A few years ago, Rohde just added (way too much) makeup. But, isn’t it what’s on the inside that counts. And I love Mission Breakout.

CampbellzSoupMar 27, 2023

I’m in DCA now and it’s a beautiful park…except the Avengers Campus and the retheme of Tower of Terror…absolutely awful it stands out so much and makes the park ugly and disjointed.

Poseidon QuestMar 27, 2023

I like the idea, but judging from the pics I wouldn't want them to clone it. I would like more actual theming inside.

drew81Mar 26, 2023

A combined retail and indoor meet and greet building would make too much sense.

J4546Mar 26, 2023

they will

Henry MysticMar 26, 2023

A retail location outside of just TSM would be wonderful! If they cloned Shanghai’s small-ish Al’s Toy Barn shop, the land would actually be improved by a lot. Plus, right now, there aren’t many areas to get cover from a thunderstorm and the sun in the land which is definitely needed in Orlando!

Poseidon QuestMar 26, 2023

I suppose not, but the restaurant is a step in the right direction. Hopefully in the future, they'll continue with more buildings in the area for some more retail and indoor meet and greet space. It would go a long way to allowing this land to feel less thrown together.

The MomMar 26, 2023

Could posters please stay on topic which is about one specific land, not the park as a whole? Thank you.

MisterPenguinMar 26, 2023

Did they ever complete this Toy Story Land?

Henry MysticMar 26, 2023

It seemed like after every post I made someone always felt the need to deflect from the crux of my argument through whataboutism so I kept responding, so I agree, the debate has gone on longer than necessary. I still stand by my reasoning. 😂 Though, I never said you can't prefer HWS to DCA, but that theming-wise, it is illogical regardless of whether you enjoy it more to say HWS is a prettier park than DCA given the sheer quantity of show buildings that can be seen while criticizing them and other areas at DCA. I laid-out said argument using evidence and not feelings. I actually enjoy Toy Story Land for what it is. I wish it was more exploratory-based than just a single path (that makes the land feel smaller in scope than it actually is), but I like the land. Though, while the new restaurant definitely serves a much-needed purpose, at over $45 a head and with cheap-looking theming (especially for the exterior) I can't say I'm that excited about it compared to a delicious $20 meal at DCA's Lamplight Lounge, but the food looks good! If someone's offended I mean no ill, and if the mods want to delete our lively discussion, feel free! I'm not stopping anyone. ;)

yensidtlaw1969Mar 26, 2023

Bruh, enough. Not only are you off-topic, but your dissertations aren’t convincing anybody. Preferring DHS over DCA is a valid opinion. If you don’t mind, some of us would like to discuss the latest addition to Toy Story Land, which this thread is actually about.