PHOTOS - Old is now new again in Tomorrowland

Dec 19, 2018 in "Tomorrowland"

New Tomorrowland attraction marquee
Posted: Wednesday December 19, 2018 8:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland is bringing back some of its original style with new marquee signage that says goodbye to the 1990's Tomorrowland look, and goes retro with the spires of the 1970's.

The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is the first to be completed.

Expect more changes as Disney seeks to update Tomorrowland ahead of the relaunch of the land in 2021 with the addition of the Tron coaster.

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ChrisFL25 days ago

I mean TECHNICALLY they could just keep it where it is and move some queue around to it maybe, or even rebuild Muppets to a new area and make the whole area more Star Wars. Then again I'm sure Disney is like "Well Disneyland's is across the park"

owlsandcoffee25 days ago

My armchair imagineering would involve moving Star Tours in Florida to SWGE. Would make room for a Muppets ride. That being said I don't know if Star Tours would fit in GE, it's certainly not a good thematic fit as of now.

wdrive25 days ago

I would doubt it. They seem to be using the Launch Bay in both resorts as an original trilogy area. Star Tours is still popular and I can’t seen them spending money on changing an attraction that is still performing well, especially in COVID times.

cookiee_munster25 days ago

2034. Has there been any hint of all forms of Star Wars leaving Tomorrowland now that Disneyland and Walt Disney World have their own dedicated land/area for Star Wars?

The Rocketeer26 days ago

Rocket Rods is scheduled to reopen in Spring 2001. We apologize for any inconvenience.

JoeCamel26 days ago

So July 4?

DCBaker26 days ago

Currently scheduled in refurbishment through the end of April.

Disney Maddux26 days ago

When does Peoplemover reopen now?

MisterPenguin30 days ago

The coaster would certainly wind up the trimmer for it in catastrophic cases.

larryz30 days ago

Ironically, trim "breaks" can actually "break" coasters whlie they're "braking" them...

fgmnt30 days ago

You know it's a joke because the company would never do something remotely proactive like retracting that ride right before the 50th anniversary of it. Just trim break it to death and hope it doesn't kill anybody while you're in management.

marni197130 days ago

Do keep up.

jt0431 days ago

Don't think DL has the space for it practically speaking. Unless they put a large portion of track underground. Hey, wait! 💡🎢

HauntedPirate31 days ago

What?!? I posted only the finest rumors, curated from a drunk TDO exec with no tolerance for pineapple sake. 😂