Tomorrowland bridge entrance sign to get an all new look later this summer

Jul 09, 2019 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland bridge marquee
Posted: Tuesday July 9, 2019 7:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The main Tomorrowland marque on the bridge that leads into the land will be removed this week to be rebuilt with an all new look.

During the work, the bridge will remain open, with the new sign set to be installed later in the summer.

Disney is currently at work refreshing the look of Tomorrowland leading up to the Magic Kingodom's 50th anniversary and the opening of the new TRON coaster.

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Timothy_QOct 20, 2023

it's so weird how some places that don't particularly seem to need it get repaved all the time, while others that are in desperate need get ignored for decades

HorizonsfanOct 20, 2023

The land needs to commit to an aesthetic and stick with it, no argument there. The pavement situation in the land is the prime example of this. WDI redesigned the main drag only up to Astro and then at Tron. Then they left 4/5th of Rocket tower Plaza’s 1994 pavement. That 1994 design was also never completed beyond the center, so there’s still massive swaths of 1971-1975 black slurry around it. You’d think they could take a little of Epcot’s new pavement budget, which seems limitless between WS & WC, and give it to finishing Tomorrowland’s new design.

Animaniac93-98Oct 20, 2023

At this point what bothers me more is how much of this makeover was either just painting things from the '94 redo white or not finishing things like the PeopeMover supports. Except for the CoP building and sign, It looks worse now than before they started.

Timothy_QOct 20, 2023

DL's Tomorrowland at MK's

ToTBellHopOct 19, 2023

We have TRON now, though. And booze. I wonder if AE would be acceptable nowadays (not that they’d build it again, of course).

Rich BrownnOct 19, 2023

Disneyland is perceived to be an "all ages" park. For better or worse, our MK has the reputation of being the "kiddie park" If AE had opened at DL first it would probably have been a hit

imagineer97Oct 19, 2023

It's mindboggling that they have had an empty building on the main walk of Tomorrowland for several years now. Please someone substantiate @Magicart87's rumor rumblings!

BocabearOct 16, 2023

I thought AE was brilliant. Masterfully done storytelling that gets progressively creepier until you get into the chamber theater...beautifully paced and very well done. It wasn't until Stitch took up residence that I ever saw it almost empty. The Magic Kingdom can use some more intense things to even out the park... Tron just helped a bit...but MK compared to Disneyland falls short on attraction count and detail.

Disney MadduxOct 15, 2023

If this develops, I wonder if the good ol' chili dog and general whiff that SGE had will still be in there (I've heard CMs say it's still there when they're trying to take a break). Wouldn't be surprised if it's just permanently scarred into the building at this point. 😅

Magicart87Oct 15, 2023

I hear ya. It's been a while. I miss A.E. and I'm in the camp that thought Stitch was better than nothing.

Disney MadduxOct 15, 2023

Edited it to double down on emphasization that it's nothing definitive. My bad, got a lil too excited. I was one of the five people who loved SGE, and I've been waiting for anything about a possible replacement.

Magicart87Oct 15, 2023

Maybe. I need to hear it from someone else though. Don't let me be the source. I don't want that responsibility. Until then, we'll just wait and see. Has anyone else heard anything?

Disney MadduxOct 15, 2023

We might have something. Emphasization that it's nothing definitive, but Magicart is hearing about a possible SGE replacement. Says that if true, it's a good retrofit and better than WiR.

Captain NeoJul 21, 2023

Tomorrowland needed a renovation 20 years ago both in CA and FL. They arent gonna do it