Tomorrowland bridge entrance sign to get an all new look later this summer

Jul 09, 2019 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland bridge marquee
Posted: Tuesday July 9, 2019 7:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The main Tomorrowland marque on the bridge that leads into the land will be removed this week to be rebuilt with an all new look.

During the work, the bridge will remain open, with the new sign set to be installed later in the summer.

Disney is currently at work refreshing the look of Tomorrowland leading up to the Magic Kingodom's 50th anniversary and the opening of the new TRON coaster.

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crazy4disneyJul 05, 2022

Its sad & honestly nothing new. Been like this for years now. The blatant neglect to maintenance & letting rides/attractions basically rot well before the excuse of covid. Not to mention the absolute mismanagement of billions of dollars that have been allocated & spent.

DisoneJul 05, 2022

All valid points. Clearly We have been starved for improvements so long that minimal improvement is now exciting and note worthy. To be fair, this isn't exactly a new development. I remember when they first put the Christmas sweater on Figment and people posted love for that. Two weeks ago that very same Figment had a broken neck😞. I couldn't believe they were actually operating the attraction with an audioanimatronic and such blatantly bad condition. In the very least they should have not had him pop up into view and just you listen to his voice. It would have been less sad than seeing a broken neck Figment try to talk to you. Oh Walt Disney World, you build some of the most amazing attractions, but just not willing to spend the money to maintain them. All because guests are coming from all over the world to see these amazing world class attractions, but I have a question. What's the point of putting guest on one of the most amazing attractions ever, like Rise of the Resistance, if so many things are broken that it's not amazing anymore?

trainplane3Jul 05, 2022

It's now old enough so they're going to do that more. They even did a official "battle of the food bands" last year with shirts, poster, and a pin.

crazy4disneyJul 05, 2022

My comments werent to put down others and if it was taken that way it wasnt meant that way at all…. As i said to each is their own. Im not here to rainonamyones parade

BubbaisSleepJul 05, 2022

I don't disagree at all. But you can express disappointment without putting down others. Fans are allowed to enjoy updates without the assumptions. One can still enjoy the update and have these "standards" you speak of.

JoeCamelJul 04, 2022

They fixed the TTAPM and got rid of Stitch - good enough

crazy4disneyJul 04, 2022

Oh celebrate all you want. Im just saying its comical this is how low thestandards have sunk. Martin started this thread what? 6 years ago. And what have we seen done? Honestly nothing. Tron eventually which probably doesnt belong here anyway buts thats it. All the rumors and reports of what was suppose to happen vs what actually has. Come on. A much needed updated narration to stay current. A new wardrobe and thats it. So yes. Get excited all you want to each is their own but in the grand scheme of things this is just to me this is a nothing burger. But again thats just ones mans opinion.

BubbaisSleepJul 04, 2022

Yes, why wouldn't COP fans be excited? People being happy about updates (as they should) doesn't mean everything else you said isn't true. But let fans celebrate today. As slow as Disney moves, we'll have plenty of days or decades to join in on the hate train and get Disney-slapped across our faces.

FoodRockzJul 04, 2022

I approve this message.

crazy4disneyJul 04, 2022

And if thats what we do & accept. Disney will never ever have any incentive to do anything. An updated narration and some new sweaters is far from a small victory. To me its just another slap in out faces and they are laughing at us seeing the excitement.

WondersOfLifeJul 04, 2022

Never did I ever think Disney would ever acknowledge the existence of Food Rocks ever again.. ...and I am SOOOO happy they did!! LOL! That was my CHILDHOOD attraction!!

Animaniac93-98Jul 04, 2022

We celebrate the small victories because they're the only ones we get now.

muddyriversJul 04, 2022

Is the text of the new TTA script published online anywhere? I want to read the older and current script to see what changed.

DoleWhipDreaJul 04, 2022

I'm still mad as heck about a lot of other things, but these are still small victories that we can appreciate. I personally wasn't convinced that these kinds of touches were ever going to come from WDI ever again, and I think perhaps others have been feeling that way, too.