Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover refurbishment extends to almost the end of the year

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The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover refurbishment has been extended through to at least December 26 2020.

The Magic Kingdom ride closed in the first week of March and has not reopened since. The reopening date has been moved back four times since the refurbishment began, and was most recently planned to be closed through November 28.

The PeopleMover had been seen operating without guests on numerous occasions since the park reopened on July 11 2020, but has remained stationary in recent times.

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Article Posted: Oct 14, 2020 / 4:41pm ET
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_caleb7 minutes ago

I know I did!

MisterPenguin14 minutes ago

I bet people said the same of its analogue in Disneyland. ;) However, since we have some insider info that they're doing a complete linear motor replacement, it's likely they'll open it after such an investment.

mikeymouse16 minutes ago

I would bet my life its not going away. Its more popular now than it ever was IMO.

GrandCanyonConcourse23 hours ago

Did they keep moving the date? Didn’t they just have one date and then never say anything about it again til they announced it was closed?

NateD12261 day ago

Getting Rocket Rods vibes from this

V/N McQueen1 day ago

great, just great. I really wanted to take a trip this year and this is one of my must-do's.

ParkerLoLs1 day ago

They extend this "refurbishment" more often than a Greek wedding ceremony. Just get it over with already.

The Rocketeer1 day ago

I might never go back to MK if they pull a 20,000 Leagues on the TTA...

DCBaker1 day ago

"According to the internal refurbishment calendar, the Tomorrowland PeopleMover will be closed through January 2, 2021."

EricsBiscuit2 days ago

That wouldn’t make much sense. It is a very high capacity attraction and if it is open they can let more people in.

DoleWhipDrea2 days ago

I can’t speak to specifically Disney’s layoffs, but generally when a company has to cut labor, they apply it as a certain percentage of their workforce, and depending on what departments are more needed, will not get hurt as badly when HR has to play the numbers and then determine who is getting let go. It’s likely that their department was affected, but at the same time, their department is critical to maintaining they most likely haven’t been hit as hard. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a lot of work to do in the first place...

bcoachable2 days ago

Wondering out loud- will the layoffs reach the back shops too? And if so (as I’m sure is the case) will this effect projects such as this? (We are all pulling for you guys and gals in the back shops!!!!)

DoleWhipDrea2 days ago

Don’t believe every doom and gloom post you see on these boards... There’s much work to be done. And unfortunately, even when everything goes right, Disney is usually running behind schedule.

AL2000HS2 days ago

It could be that. Maybe they wanted to repair one or two things but realized they have to overhaul everything? I don't know how often that thing went down for refurbs so it could be just a mess of things.