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Posted: Friday June 28, 2024 10:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

To celebrate the opening day of Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney Records has released the attraction's full soundtrack across all streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Among the standout tracks is the all-new, original song "Special Spice," written, produced, and performed by Grammy-Award winner PJ Morton, with vocals by Anika Noni Rose, the original voice of Princess Tiana and a Disney Legend.

Fans of "The Princess and the Frog" will hear new renditions of beloved songs from the film, including "Gonna Take You There" and "Down in New Orleans." These tracks have been revitalized for the attraction and the queue area by renowned musician Terence Blanchard, alongside PJ Morton.

Recorded in New Orleans, the soundtrack features an array of artists who have contributed their talents to the ride experience. Notable performers include:

  • Anika Noni Rose – The beloved voice of Princess Tiana returns, singing vocals on "Special Spice."
  • Jon Batiste, Jon Cleary, and Trombone Shorty – Grammy-award winning musicians who bring their unique flair to various songs throughout the attraction.
  • Tarriona "Tank" Ball – A New Orleans native who performs a new rendition of "Dig A Little Deeper."
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Playing and singing "They All Asked for You," a song well-known in New Orleans.
  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Contributing to tracks like "Louisiana Fairytale," "Tailgate Ramble," and "Bourbon Street Parade."
  • Leah Chase Kamata – Singing "Do you Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans" in the queue area.
  • Charlie Gabriel – The 91-year-old icon provides lead vocals and clarinet on "Tailgate Ramble."
  • Terrance Simien – The two-time Grammy winner performs the queue version of "Gonna Take You There."

The creation of this soundtrack involved hundreds of artists and music professionals. Here is the full list of performers and contributors:

Music Production Team – Attraction

• Brandon Caddell – Arranger, Music Supervisor
• PJ Morton – Composer, Arranger
• Haim Mazar – Arranger
• Richard Morse – Arranger (Scene 6 Rara)
• Reggie Nicholas, Jr. – Recording Engineer, Mixer
• Greg Morgan – Recording Engineer, Mixer
• John Michael Rouchell – Music Production Supervisor
• Susan Ham – Music Editor
• Booker White – Copyist


• Anika Noni Rose
• Michael-Leon Wooley
• Dr. John
• Jim Cummings
• Tarriona "Tank" Ball
• Jarell Michael Bankston
• Ashtin Fortner
• Armando Leduc
• Tiondria Norris
• Ashley Pierre Williams
• PJ Morton
• Jon Batiste
• Jon Cleary
• Trombone Shorty
• Kyle Anderson
• Sean Ardoin
• Weedie Braimah
• Max Bronstein
• Leon Brown
• Hunter Burgamy
• Robin Clabby
• Edward Clark
• Brian Cockerham
• Mike Esneault
• Alvin Ford
• Jonathan Frishberg
• Victor Goines
• Julian Gosin
• Benjamin Hart
• Trevarri Huff-Boone
• Jason Jurzak
• Blair Taylor Lavigne
• Christos Melios
• Ashlin Parker
• Manuel Perkins
• David Pulphus
• Marcella Ratcliff
• Jason Ricci
• Paul Robertson
• Kyle Roussel
• Benjamin Thacher
• Erion Williams
• Hannah Yim
• Richard Morse
• Pierre Daniel Jules
• Darianna Videaux Capitel
• Emmanuel Jules
• Joseph D. Cabral
• Max Blanc
• Peter Barr
• Walter F. Harris Jr.
• Dezor Willy
• Craig Adams
• Veronica Downs-Dorsey
• Tiffany French
• Shantell Hall
• Sean Johnson
• Toryan Johnson
• Latashah Long
• Harrison Nedd III
• Keenan Rogers
• Milezone Williams

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

• Miles Berry
• John Michael Bradford
• Bryce Eastwood
• Ricio Fruge
• Maxwell Paulus
• Shea Pierre
• TJ Norris
• Adonis Rose
• Adrian Ross
• Amina Scott
• Terrance Taplin
• Don Vappie
• Gerald Watkins Jr.
• Lex Warshawski

Music Production Team – Queue

• Terence Blanchard – Arranger, Music Producer
• Terrance Simien – Arranger ("Gonna Take You There")
• Herlin Riley – Lyricist
• Greg Hayes – Recording Engineer, Mixer
• Harry Risoleo – Recording Engineer, Music Editor
• John Michael Rouchell – Music Production Supervisor
• Joshua Johnson – Music Coordinator
• Katie Taber – Music Coordinator
• Booker White – Copyist

Queue Performers

• Terence Blanchard
• Herlin Riley
• Kyle Roussel
• David Pulphus
• Ivan Neville
• Victor Goines
• Don Vappie
• Alvin Ford
• Hannah Yim
• Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes
• Terrance Simien
• Danny Williams
• Ian Molinaro-Thompson
• Marcella Simien
• Michael Christie
• Revon Andrews
• Stan Chambers
• John Michael Rouchell
• Leah Chase-Kamata

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

• Charles Gabriel
• Clinton Maedgen
• Mark Braud
• Benjamin Jaffe
• Ronell Johnson
• Derrick Moss
• Lumar Leblanc
• Julian Gosin
• Corey Peyton
• Erion Williams
• Paul Robertson
• Manuel Perkins
• Marcus Hubbard

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

• Roger Lewis
• Gregory Davis
• Kirk Joseph
• Trevarri Huff-Boone
• Stephen Walker
• Julian Addison

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Tha Realest14 hours ago

My eyes rolled so hard I looked like the Louis AA when his body freezes up

EagleScout61014 hours ago

Drew the Disney Dude1 day ago

My Google Photos map of the area around Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — 2,750+ photos and videos. The bright red areas line up. 😅

GhostHost10007 days ago

The moment we’ve all been waiting for lol

EagleScout6107 days ago

Disney has put out a new lyric video for Special Spice.

flyerjab7 days ago

Planning on a follow up as I have ridden it more since my first ride on Wednesday. It has definitely grown on me. The music throughout the attraction is excellent. And the awkward timing issues were not an issue this time, making the movements and actions of the A1000s much better. And the screens, especially of Mama Odie, have to be some of the most crisp, clear screens I have seen. Overall, I still give Splash the nod, but this is much, much closer now in terms of enjoyment and overall ride experience.

Kirby867 days ago

My best guess whatever company they use to make merchandise probably reused the Splash Mountain molds for the log since the ride vehicle outside of Brer Rabbit being there is the same. It's cheaper to reuse that. Also keep in mind the original model showing of what Tianas Bayou Adventure would look like did have Brer Rabbit still on the logs. Toys are made so far in advance they could have used that as a reference.

Ice Gator8 days ago

Thank goodness they made a better poster. A few weeks ago I felt this was one of the elements of the attraction they were lacking on. The initial “official” poster is horrible. This looks like something worth framing and has a lot more detail to it Now if only they’d address why some of the merch items still have Brer Rabbit on the front of the log…like why would they let that slide?

Sneakman8 days ago

“East? I thought you said Weast!”

James Alucobond9 days ago

The exterior before passing under the train station is all remote bayou. It doesn’t need complementary New Orleans elements surrounding it any more than Splash needed scenery from elsewhere in Georgia framing it. That’s not to suggest that Pecos Bill will be around long term, but it’s been a southwestern restaurant sandwiched between southeastern attractions (Country Bears and Splash) for a long time.

EagleScout6109 days ago

I thought you meant to say where. My bad

JoeCamel9 days ago

Probably just ignore it. You should have a meal with an imagineer and see how they explain it

TheCoasterNerd9 days ago

I am aware that there  are rumors. I was sort of hinting that there still are.

EagleScout6109 days ago

Pecos Bill retheme thread It's unconfirmed if it'll be Tiana, but it's still in development apparently: