Tiana's Bayou Adventure Passholder Preview: Virtual Queue Open For Longer Than Expected on Opening Day

Jun 13, 2024 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure walls removed - May 30 2024
Posted: Thursday June 13, 2024 8:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today is the first day of Annual Passholder previews for Tiana's Bayou Adventure, and the virtual queue has remained open for much longer than expected.

The Annual Passholder-only virtual queue for Tiana's Bayou Adventure opened at 7 am, and as of 8:20 am, there is still availability.

When open to all guests, the 7 am distribution of virtual queue boarding groups at TRON or Cosmic Rewind is typically at capacity in less than 10 seconds.

Should the 7 am queue eventually reach capacity, Passholders will have a second opportunity later in the day at 1 pm.

Annual Passholder previews are planned for June 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, and 20, 2024. To participate, Passholders must make a park reservation and join a virtual queue on the day of the preview via the My Disney Experience app, with opportunities to join at 7:00 am and 1:00 pm each day.

How to Join the Virtual Queue

First, make a park reservation to Magic Kingdom on a preview date to have the opportunity to join the 7:00 am virtual queue for that day. Or, you can make a park reservation to any theme park on a preview date to have the opportunity to join the 1:00 pm virtual queue.

On the date of your reservation, request to join the virtual queue by using the My Disney Experience app. There will be 2 opportunities to join each day of previews.

The 7:00 am virtual queue will be available to Passholders with a park reservation to Magic Kingdom for that day.

The 1:00 pm virtual queue will be available to Passholders with a park reservation to any theme park for that day. As a reminder, Passholders must enter the theme park where they have a reservation prior to visiting Magic Kingdom park. Or, on June 13, 14, 17, 18 or 20, they can enter Magic Kingdom park without a reservation after 2:00 pm.

Passholders do not need to have entered a theme park when they request to join the virtual queue.

Important Information

Passholders must have a Walt Disney World Resort Annual Pass with valid admission on the preview date. Applicable pass blockout dates apply. Park reservations are limited and subject to availability.

Each Passholder can request to join a virtual queue no more than once per day.

Passholders may hold boarding groups for the preview virtual queue and an attraction virtual queue at the same time, when available.
Joining the virtual queue does not guarantee the ability to participate in the preview. Boarding groups for a virtual queue are limited, subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Not all boarding groups may be called to return, based on availability of the attraction. Learn more about virtual queues.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure officially opens to all guests at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom on June 28, 2024.

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MisterPenguin6 hours ago

Past month...

MisterPenguin6 hours ago

Yeah, today was not a good day. But in the past 8 days: 155 160 130 105 150 110 130 60

gerarar7 hours ago

Final Day 29 Stats (7/20): 7am: 1.9 secs 1pm: 2920.1 secs, or ~49 mins BG 59 (-71) is the last BG called for the day at 3:34pm. Notable stoppages: 9:00 - 9:14am 12:04 - 2:46pm 3:34 - 9:00pm Really bad day operationally, over 8 hours of downtime. Average pace: 5mins/BG VQ Drop Mean/Average: 7am: 2.0s -> 2.0s (+0) 1pm: 56m -> 54m (-2m) That does it for Day 29 of Tiana's Bayou Adventure!

Brer Oswald7 hours ago

Apparently it didn’t even make it to BG 60 today…

mattpeto8 hours ago

Very helpful thanks!

gerarar8 hours ago

We know for a fact they distribute at least 80 BGs during the morning 7am drop. They only get to the around the 50's by the 1pm drop starts. Just depends on how much downtime they have in the morning, which is basically a guarantee these days. So I would say try to get a late morning BG or a really early afternoon BG. I would also look at ThrillData's BG distribution charts (the ones @MisterPenguin posts) to see when BG 80 gets distributed. But with the morning drops varying so much it's hard to strategize that. Honestly if you really need to ride between that time period, a LL is your best bet.

MisterPenguin9 hours ago

mattpeto10 hours ago

@gerarar - I can chase down these stats but maybe you know off the top of your head. What is the average time they start calling back the people from the 1 pm VQ? I’m hoping for a 7 am slot that is called back from 2-4 pm. Is that possible or will be likely be drawing from the 1 pm queue at that point?

aladdin200711 hours ago

pfff who needs it, the whole process and problems they should be ashamed of.

gerarar12 hours ago

Ride reopened 2:46pm with BGs 46-49. About a 3 hour breakdown and closure. However, ride is down again since 3:34pm with BG 59.

gerarar15 hours ago

1pm drop closed at 1:49pm, lasting for 2920.129 secs, or ~49 mins. Saturday 1pm Drop Average: 56m -> 54m (-2m) Up to BG 45 called at 1pm, 12 more than yesterday

gerarar16 hours ago

Ride has been down since 12:04pm with BG 45.

Ayla19 hours ago

I am going to guess that they are two different pools and once regular park hours are over for guests, all remaining boarding groups will be cancelled, so no, you won't be able to hold 2 at the same time.

gerarar19 hours ago

7am drop lasted for 1.898 secs. Saturday 7am Drop Average: 2.0s -> 2.0s (+0) BG's 1-13 called at 9:14am as part of the initial wave.