New photo op at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Apr 17, 2018 in "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

Posted: Tuesday April 17, 2018 7:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

There is a new limited-time photo opportunity at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

For $19.95, you can get an 8"x10" lenticular print of your party in a "spirited form." This isn't an on-ride photo, and the picture is taken near to the photo desk at the exit of the ride.

Lenticular prints produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.

The pilot is expected to last for the next 3 months.

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Magenta PantherApr 21, 2018

TDO is really missing an opportunity to expand on the Tower in a meaningful way. I think a Tower-themed eatery called the Tip Top Club, next to the Tower, would be a huge hit. Imagine a 1939-Art-Deco quick-service place that had a slightly creepy feel, with windows a la Be Our Guest showing a lightning storm outside, and with the lights flickering inside the restaurant from time to time. It'd be epic!

Magicart87Apr 21, 2018

I was expecting the photo-op to resemble a ghostly bellhop or a family portrait reminiscent to the guests that vanished from the elevator during the freak storm. The whole point should have been watching yourself become a ghostly hologram supercharged by a lightening strike overlay that appears and disappears when shifting the lenticular photo side to side. Reusing the Haunted Mansion photo is pretty lame; which in and of itself is also lame knowing they "could" for example have your head appear inside a hatbox or materialize in Leota's crystal ball. I like the idea behind using these lenticular photos but they gotta get a heckofalot better! For Tower of Terror in particular; they should be doing something more creative than re-using HM stock.

999th Happy HauntApr 20, 2018

On the plus side, there’s a lot of new merch that has The Twilight Zone branding

Magicart87Apr 20, 2018

Come on Disney! That's just tacky. Way to aim low.

999th Happy HauntApr 20, 2018

They’re exactly the same as the Haunted Mansion pictures

I am TimmyApr 20, 2018

The ones from Memento Mori are themed after the three hitchhiking ghosts. The picture is taken, and depending on your face and head, they choose which of the three looks best superimposed over your face. So it's personalized. The Haunted Mansion frame is sold seperately, the pic comes in a folder. Not sure if the pics at ToT will be the same, but it will be a little strange to get a hitchhiking ghost pic at the Tower (I love them both, btw). I have the pics from HM of both of my boys (individually) and they are my favorite souvenirs. Bought the frames, too, and keep them out year round. By the front door. They freak people out.

durangojimApr 18, 2018

I saw them 2 weeks ago while I was there. They looked just like the ones from Memento Mori. Didn't look close at the frame because I wasn't interested.

tissandtullyApr 18, 2018

They gotta pay for those photo printers somehow...

Magicart87Apr 18, 2018

It'll be interesting to see if the "Twilight Zone" IP is branded anywhere on the photo or frame. Not that it's exclusion would be an end-all indication of the IP being removed from the ride but it's absence could be foretelling. It sounds like a cool photo-op.

MrPromeyApr 18, 2018

Regardless of if it's an outside group or not (it doesn't seem to be with the haunted mansion ones but who knows? - actually, someone on here probably knows but I digress...) the whole point about it being a pilot makes perfect sense. It really could just come down to deciding if they're going to invest in a permanent installation for the offering. The one thing I think it is important to realize for anyone who somehow sees this as a bad sign for TOT is that they generally don't experiment with adding offerings around something they are planning to shut down unless they've announced they are shutting it down and are trying to make a quick buck on people's nostalgia over the closure. You know, like how they completely ignored UOE until they announced it was closing and then tried to sell sad-to-see-it-go merchandise to people that were either sad to see it go or wanted to up their Disney geek cred by acting like they were sad to see it go? A pilot for something new with TOT that has the potential to make them more money off of TOT is a good sign for anyone hoping they'll be keeping TOT around, especially with current management.

999th Happy HauntApr 17, 2018

Does anyone have any pictures?

KBLovedDisneyApr 17, 2018

Sounds very cabana-ish

hokielutzApr 17, 2018

Like Chief Bogo always says: "...Who cares"

Coaster LoverApr 17, 2018

They are probably either licensing the technology from an outside group or having an outside group come in to offer the service. They've likely only committed to a three month time period to determine if this is something worth the cost for Disney to run it. The article notes that this is a "pilot' run indicating that if sales are good for the service, it will likely be extended.