VIDEO - Take a time-lapse look at the building of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Apr 16, 2013 in "The Tree of Life"

The official Disney Parks Blog has today released a great time-lapse video showing the construction of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Rising 145ft above the park, the centerpiece of Disney's Animal Kingdom is an engineering marvel. The trunk itself is 50ft wide, expanding to 170ft at the base. Over 300 animals were carved into the roots and branches by Imagineering's Zsolts Hormay and a multi-national team of sculptors. 103,000 leaves are attached to the 8000 branches, which are in-turn connected to a steel sub-structure.

Disney's Animal Kingdom will celebrate it's 15th anniversary on April 22 2013.

Article Posted: Apr 16, 2013 / 12:47pm EDT