Expanded viewing areas coming to the Tree of Life Awakenings

Apr 14, 2017 in "The Tree of Life"

Tree of Life Awakens
Posted: Friday April 14, 2017 9:28am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The hugely popular Tree of Life Awakenings at Disney's Animal Kingdom will soon have expanded viewing areas.

Beginning late May 2017, it will be possible to see the Awakenings from both the front and back side of the Tree of Life.

Currently the show can only be seen from directly in-front of the Tree, along the busy entry and exit route to the park.

The new viewing areas will be located along the walkway from Africa to Asia.

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djkidkazOct 17, 2017

Was just there tonight. Looks exactly the same as it does on the front of the tree. Sorry, no video.

brb1006Oct 16, 2017

Has anyone footage since then?

djkidkazOct 16, 2017

Yes it’s done and working.

eggMay 21, 2017

These awakenings must be quite popular. I don't find that surprising. They are excellent... absolutely excellent! On the front, all but one of the sequences start with a yellow light landing on the animal that will "awaken." But since the back of the tree doesn't have those animals, I wonder what they'll do. So they creatively built these new tree of life roots in the original viewing area, to hide the projectors. For example, here's one of them: But the projectors in the new viewing area aren't going to be hidden? I hope what we're seeing isn't the finished product, because if so, well... that weakens the "magic."

MisterPenguinMay 21, 2017

Anyone know any more of the backside of Awakenings? It's supposed to start "late May." Seen or heard of any tests? Heard of a starting date... perhaps this coming Saturday along with the Pandora debut?

RustySporkApr 21, 2017

Kman101Apr 21, 2017

This board doesn't seem to be for everyone. So maybe some should move on ...

LaketravisApr 21, 2017

If she is so disgusted with this forum (as evidenced by her numerous and unending criticisms of other posters) perhaps she could find a much better use of the large amount of time she spends here.

Nemo14Apr 21, 2017


21stampsApr 21, 2017

I'm not fighting you.. I addressed your comment of "folks are frustrated, so things can become hyperbolic." 'Frustrated' is not an excuse. You can be passionate without attacks, that's my point.

FigmentForver96Apr 21, 2017

It's what she does and how she derails thread after thread after....you get the picture

FigmentForver96Apr 21, 2017

His comment simply stated that of course rash language should not be used. No need to be dramatic dear.

Casper GutmanApr 21, 2017

You seem to have misunderstood. I was agreeing that it would be best if comments attacking groups of people were left out of discussion here, but that the people who make them may have important insights in other areas. We all behave in less then perfect ways at times. I'm not sure why you want to fight me...

21stampsApr 21, 2017

Being passionate about Disney means a free pass for that kind of language? Nastiness here is constantly justified " because people love Disney". Do you start attacking people because you're upset with something else? It's not ok. It shouldn't be accepted or excused. No need to answer. Your comment, and other comments, said enough.