Tickets now on sale for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

May 09, 2019 in "The NBA Experience"

Tickets to NBA Experience are now on sale, which is planned to open at Disney Springs on August 12 2019.

Like Disney Quest before it, NBA Experience will be a ticketed venue, priced at $34 (plus tax) for adults (ages 10 and older), and $29 (plus tax) for children (ages 3-9).

Tickets are available wherever Walt Disney World tickets are sold, including and any Walt Disney World ticket window.

In collaboration with the NBA, Disney is developing NBA Experience as a one-of-a-kind environment packed with 13 interactive elements and hands-on activities across 44,000 square feet and two floors. NBA Experience will give guests the chance to feel like a basketball superstar.

“When we were young, we played basketball in our driveways or in the park, creating those imaginary moments of making the game-winning shot for a championship,” said Stan Dodd, executive producer, Walt Disney Imagineering. “We want to take that energy and help you feel what it’s like to be an actual NBA or WNBA player.”

Upon entry to NBA Experience, guests will feel as if they’re walking through the players’ tunnel at an NBA or WNBA arena. A ticket to NBA Experience grants access to every activity, in any order guests choose, with the ability to return to stations to improve performances or learn even more about the game, players and teams they love. In addition to the competitions and games, the experience will also include a retail store featuring NBA-themed merchandise.

Additional elements of the destination include:

  • A slam dunk challenge, where guests can change the height of a standard 10-foot hoop to as low as seven feet to perform their own superstar moves – captured by burst photography.
  • An activity that tests shooting skills with spots on a court that light up as guests move from one location to another attempting to sink as many shots as possible in 15 seconds.
  • A way for guests to see how they stack up to some of the world’s best basketball players by measuring their vertical leap, wingspan, shooting and dribbling.
  • Personalization for various activities with guests’ names and associating the activity with their favorite NBA or WNBA teams.
  • Real-time technology to aggregate statistics of NBA and WNBA games and players for continuous updates, while leaderboards will track top NBA Experience performers throughout each day.

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Article Posted: May 09, 2019 / 7:13pm ET
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NunuJan 27, 2020

Rest in peace NBA's legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. Here's hoping NBA at DS puts up a tribute of some kind, celebrating Kobe's life and achievements.

ZachPLJan 07, 2020

I feel like disney should have tried a little harder with some of the games, I mean look at this, this looks fun

DisorbustDec 16, 2019

I wonder if they are asking themselves what else they can do with the space yet.

JenniferSDec 15, 2019

Turns out ... nowhere fast.

LSLSDec 04, 2019

NBA has seen a MASSIVE drop in TV ratings this year so far. TNT down 23%, ESPN down 20%. Could be a bad sign for NBA Experience as well.

unoriginal26Dec 02, 2019

With 90 crafts on tap, I would say yep!

dodgr98Nov 20, 2019

FWIW, when I was down there last week, I wasn't sure it was open because I saw no one entering or exiting.

peter11435Nov 19, 2019

Correct. Nametags are not an indicator as there are many third party operating participant locations whose employees wear Disney CM nametags. Many of the World Showcase locations as you mentioned are operating participants but their employees wear Disney nametags and costumes despite that they don’t work for Disney. My comment you quoted was referring to NBA experience cast. They are Disney cast members as the facility is owned and operated by Disney.

dreamfinderNov 19, 2019

I do believe that at least some of 3rd party O/O locations who wear CM nametags, but are not Disney CMs. For instance, Palmas Group runs the food at Coronado and the Mexico pavilion. On their jobs website, you can see picture of CMs at La Cava del Tequila and La Hacienda de San Angel, both wearing the typical CM nametags. I'm pretty sure I've seen the same at other locations such as Basin as well. My google-fu isn't working well right now at finding pictures of other CMs.

bpiperNov 19, 2019

While they may have had one in CA, I was referring to the one in Downtown Disney Westside. It was in the park area that became the food truck park. It wasn't that large, but a lot of kids were attempting to skate or learning how to fall graciously when I saw it. I don't remember the skate rental price, but I remember thinking that it was reasonable. Which has become a strange sight at WDW.

LilofanNov 19, 2019

Thanks for the info. I just looked up, yes indeed Downtown Disney in CA had a winter skating rink for guests in 2012.

bpiperNov 19, 2019

If memory serves, Disney had put up a skating rink for the Holidays in the park that became the food truck area for several years.

LSLSNov 19, 2019

ESPN has a few rights to the NHL now (ESPN+), but it would not be more popular (and I'm die hard hockey). I still think the only way to make these work is to make it an ESPN theme that includes all sports. And even then, I doubt it does too well with the price tag. I think you are much better off making it more of like an arcade style (or Dave and Busters style) where you pay per game played type thing. I may be wrong, but I would think that letting people in to see the stuff you can do (with the option to pay to play one or two things, or buy say a wristband) would go much further. BUT, speaking to have any of these succeeded, it looked very similar to what they have at the hockey hall of fame which is very cool (though, most people probably aren't going specifically JUST for these experiences at the HHOF).