The Disney Society Orchestra and Friends to end in early October and no more performances at the Grand Floridan

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The Disney Society Orchestra and Friends overview

The Disney Society Orchestra and Friends at Disney's Hollywood Studios will come to an end in early October.

Performing on Sunset Blvd, the group will have their last show on Saturday October 3 2020.

A post on the band's Facebook page suggests they will not be returning to the Grand Floridian either.

It’s hard to find the words but, sadly, our days at the Grand Floridian are over. In fact, as of Oct 3, 2020, our days at WDW will come to an end as well. The company brought us out of furlough, changed our name to “The Disney Society Orchestra,” closed us out of the GF to play a show of Disney themed show tunes at the Theater of the Stars in Hollywood Studios. We’ve been playing 9 shows a day, 7 days a week since Aug 2nd. The music is a far cry from the closely knit harmonies & sounds we became known for at the GF but. the guys are real pros and they sound great! Well... Two weeks ago we got notice that the theater is going dark and our last day of work will be Saturday, Oct 3, 2020. As we all know, these are very uncertain times and can’t say what will happen from one day to the next. So after 32 years of playing together and playing music we love... we’re done. We are so thankful for the opportunity to play in a beautiful setting for the hotel guests and friends we have met & made over the years. We’ll never forget you and how wonderful you’ve made us feel. We will miss you! Thank you-thank you- thank you!
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Article Posted: Sep 27, 2020 / 7:36am ET
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trainplane39 days ago

For anyone curious, you can message them about buying their CDs on Facebook (I think it was mentioned). I just got a response about an hour ago today. I've asked if I can share the info here in case for our FB-less users would like to make a purchase.

TrainChasers17 days ago

I seriously thought about booking a trip just to see their shows today. Thanks for the link. This is the end of an era of quality live entertainment in the parks.

trainplane317 days ago

While I'm sure @wdwmagic will have a video up of their performance, they posted this on FB today: For our non FB-abled friends:

JoeCamel19 days ago

Parked all afternoon and evening at TTC under a light pole. It wasn't pretty when I got back. Dark blue car

techgeek19 days ago

American Gardens theater back in the cheap seats during Candlelight a few years back for me. Luckily the nice family next to us had a stroller loaded with wet-wipes!

Lilofan19 days ago

I got pooped on by a bird walking on Hollywood Blvd at DHS. It can happen anywhere.

bpiper19 days ago

And one of those doves stopped on an overhead beam and pooped on my wife's head.... Good times...

ELG1320 days ago

Back when people dressed for dinner 😉

wannabeBelle20 days ago

4 For a Dollar. They performed outside of Disney as Return to Zero, and they were outrageously good!!! I'm telling you I swear someone at Disney has it out for great live music!! Marie

larryz20 days ago

Well, you can still get a drink at the newly themed bar, eat at Narcoosees, and then dance to the music in the elevator.

Lilofan20 days ago

I remember the acapella group . They were very good.

TrainChasers20 days ago

Remember when muppets had pyro in the show? And beauty and the beast had a 4 piece acapella group pre-show that was as entertaining as the main show? And beauty and the beast had the dove release? (And before you say animal rights Animal Kingdom uses a dove release in flights of wonder).

Lilofan20 days ago

DHS could find the money to fund Muppet3D show. The orchestra actually has an orchestra pit made up of penguins.

TrainChasers20 days ago

First of all... I know that was an innocent spelling error but I really want to start calling the resort “the Grand A Floridian” - in fact I probably will from here on out. Haha. And my comment that you quoted was directed at the orchestras current home in the Studios. To be honest, the regular beauty and the beast show should have a live orchestra anyways. I mean Dollywood has a live band for their Christmas shows, you would think Disney could afford it.