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Feb 09, 2018 in "The American Adventure"

Posted: Friday February 9, 2018 12:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The American Adventure reopens from its month-long refurbishment on February 15 2018, and here is a quick rundown of what to expect.

First, the theatre will be equipped with an all-digital projection system, including new speakers and screen.

In addition to the update from film to digital, the show’s finale will return with some notable faces from America’s recent history. Newly-added American icons include individuals such as music composer John Williams, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and noted ballerina Misty Copeland.

The iconic anthem “Golden Dream” has been re-recorded with all-new orchestration that according to Disney “brings the beloved music and lyrics to life in a way that will resonate more than ever.”

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marni1971Aug 08, 2018

AmAd was already digital. I assume the speakers themselves were replaced.

mikejs78Aug 08, 2018

Isn't part of the reason for rerecording it was for the upgraded sound system?

GringrinngghostAug 08, 2018

This is for the Projection video portion, and has one additional line of Vocalization in it.

VJAug 07, 2018

The male vocalist is Tim Davis who you might have heard before as the male vocalist in Tokyo DisneySea's Fantasmic! and one of the vocalists in Happy HalloWishes.

aladdin2007Aug 07, 2018

chapek probably doesn't even know the show exists, this was more likely a local tdo/imagineering decision project. But I agree with thoughts about him.

HauntedPirateAug 07, 2018

As I said previously - Someone needs to hammer into Chapek's head that not everything needs to be re-done to make it "more timeless, more relevant, more family friendly, more Disney". This version of 'Golden Dream' is weak and pales in comparison to the previous versions. In fact, I'd say the previous versions were more timeless, more relevant, more family friendly, and more Disney. Now we get some modern hack job that is supposed to appeal to modern audiences (who wouldn't know good music if it slapped them upside the head).

larryzAug 07, 2018

Maybe they should have asked Michael Bolton to sing the male part... And then, halfway through the video, he could launch into...

Biff215Aug 07, 2018

Just saw AA last night. Enjoyed the new ending and song arrangement, still had the same emotional impact for me. On a side note, Will Rogers wasn’t twirling the lasso like he normally does. Also during the finale there were two black curtains on each side that didn’t go up with the rest. Other than that, the show looked great.

MerlinTheGoatAug 04, 2018

The male voice is a definite and huge step down from the previous one, no contest either. The current female vocals are also a mixed bag, thought for different reasons. I think the new lady technically has a superior voice to the previous lady, but the style she chooses (or was directed) to sing the song in is grating at parts. She does a ton of short and abrupt pitch shifting. Generally what you would hear in modern pop, country or R&B. While that may work for those types of genres, it doesn't sound particularly good with Golden Dream. Nor does it harmonize well with the already weak voice of the guy (in fact they don't harmonize as well in general compared to the previous duo). When the new lady holds a note properly and sings in a more traditional style fitting of the melody, I can tell she has a very good voice. But a lot of parts (particularly at the beginning) are grating due to the style she sings it in. The melody itself isn't arranged as well as before either. Particularly the buildup and high points. The climax just doesn't have the same impact as before. I will however note that the portion of the Golden Dream melody used at the very end of the show is still impactful and well done. You don't hear it in that recording above, it occurs after that part atop the Statue of Liberty at curtain close. They still use a chorus for that, the show and original song still ends with a proper and beautiful bang.

aladdin2007Aug 03, 2018

Rick Pages and Siedah Garrett

muddyriversAug 03, 2018

In this video they mention who performed Golden Dream. Does anyone have the names of those who performed the older versions of Golden Dream?

180ºAug 03, 2018

Disney has released the new version of Golden Dream for our listening enjoyment. I’m glad to see Disney honor the tradition of releasing this. Original songs are one of Epcot’s most unique and delightful legacies. With fresh ears, my opinion is similar to when I first heard it. Excellent female vocalist, the male vocalist is too nasally for my taste, and the arrangement itself is either a step sideways or a slight step back.

LaughingGravyJun 22, 2018

I always thought JFK was overrated. I'm on the other side of 50 and my whole life has been Kennedy this and Kennedy that and it all happened before I was born, with the exception of Ted Kennedy, especially in the Northeast area.

disneygeek90Jun 22, 2018

When did the refurb happen? I must have missed this news. I was on it a couple months ago.