'The Soul of Jazz An American Adventure' coming to EPCOT in February

4 days ago in "The American Adventure (Pavilion)"

The American Adventure pavilion at EPCOT will host a new exhibit next month,The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure.’

Featuring Joe Gardner from Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” – now streaming on Disney+ – you will be invited on a musical tour of America to learn about this inspiring genre of music.

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Article Posted: Jan 12, 2021 / 10:51am ET
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RSoxNo13 days ago

Safe to assume this is going in the American Heritage Gallery?

trainplane33 days ago

I enjoyed the Native American exhibit so I'm sure this will be great. Especially because I'm a former jazz band (high school, but I'll still count it) person.

Inspired Figment3 days ago

I like this idea! Something that doesn’t take over the attraction but just a little exhibit in the queue. 👍🏻 Good!

Prototype823 days ago

I'll miss the Native American art exhibit just like I miss the National Treasures exhibit - But I'm glad they're rotating themes. As much as I'd like to say I could do without the IP, the Frozen exhibit that was formerly in Norway and the lightly Coco-themed Mexico exhibit were beautifully done. Can't wait to check this out.

MansionButler843 days ago

Now we know why they can’t afford Magical Express.

rangerbob3 days ago

I would think in that exhibit hall on the right side as you enter.

huwar184 days ago

Will this be in the queue/waiting area?

Sir_Cliff4 days ago

Sounds good! These little exhibits are one of the things I like the most about World Showcase, indeed Epcot generally. Makes me think, actually, of an excellent exhibition I saw at the Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City a few years ago when Coco came out about Walt Disney and Mexico. I don't know where they could put it, but a scaled down version (it was rather large!)/taste of the exhibition at the Mexico pavilion would be wonderful.