Test Track opening date speculation

Oct 21, 1998 in "Test Track"

Posted: Wednesday October 21, 1998 by WDWMAGIC Staff
Recent reports indicate a December 1998 opening. The blue surround around the attraction is being moved, the GM information booth has been removed, and CMs have been recruited.

Disney's ground breaking replacement for World Of Motion has been delayed for well over a year now. Originally set for May 1997, the rides best estimate now is Spring 1999 (although there is an outside chance of a December 1998 opening).

Testing continues on a daily basis, and cars can be seen by guests whizzing round the outdoor track at 65mph!! It is also possible to get a walk through of the ride (if you can bug any CMs in the area hard enough!)

There have been many rumours surrounding the possible causes for the delay.

Poor operating life of the tires (rumoured to be around 30 per car).
Software problems.
Wet weather problems.
The most likely cause would appear to be a combination of the above, but mostly computer hardware and software problems. it seems that they can run around 10 cars on track at once with no problems, but adding more causes havoc with the ride control system. There are also rumours that Disney have fired the company developing the computer system, and have taken up the task themselves!