New 'Taste of Magic Kingdom Park VIP Tour' now available for booking

Dec 18, 2018 in "Taste of Magic Kingdom Park VIP Tour"

Posted: Tuesday December 18, 2018 7:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today opened bookings for a new 'Taste of Magic Kingdom Park VIP Tour,' beginning February 24 2019.

The tour costs $99 per person, and requires theme park admission. Tours will take place Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are available online or at 407-939-3463.

The three hour experience includes:

Uncover the Magic Behind the Meals

Hear stories from the brilliant chefs and dedicated Cast Members that bring creative and delicious meals to life each day at Magic Kingdom park. From the rich food history of Disney parks to the “Imagineering” of new menu items, you’ll be immersed in culinary magic.

Go Behind-the-Scenes

Enjoy unprecedented access to backstage kitchens and working areas that have never before been shared with Guests. See what goes into the production of serving millions of Guests each year and interact with the creative experts behind these memorable meal experiences.

Delight in Delicious Tastings

Along the way, tuck into curated tastings of some of the most beloved menu items at Magic Kingdom park. Be sure to bring an appetite—an incredible assortment of sweet and savory flavors awaits!

Taste the Future

Help Disney culinary artists create the next generation of Magic Kingdom park food by sampling an item that is still in development.

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Tony the TiggerDec 31, 2018

I have never eaten there!

RiderDec 31, 2018

I did a Disney kitchen tour once. It was the animal nutrition kitchen at AK. Very interesting. Any treat you could want from fruit to frozen mice.

larryzDec 31, 2018

That's ironic coming from someone who chose "Tony" as part of their user name...

Tony the TiggerDec 31, 2018

This could happen, although I agree MK is the least “culinary delight” type of park. It could be fun. I’ll let someone else go first and report back lol.

dreamfinderDec 19, 2018

SHHH! You will get the processed potato product's lawyers after you. It's "potato barrels".

MansionButler84Dec 19, 2018

I should have been more clear that I was reviewing QSRs. DHS is quite polarized. I enjoy several TSRs there but find the QSR food inedible. I can find QSR that is edible at MK, as long as it’s not a burger. Only DAK and Epcot have QSR food that I’d actually say I enjoy.

surfsupdonDec 19, 2018

I always really enjoy my Disney food. From fast burgers to NY Strips, and eggs to to fufu, I enjoy my Disney Food whether it be from a food booth or a great restaurant. The presentation is always great, sizing is big, and it tastes good! It can be expensive but I get that. I like this tour idea.

Monorail_Red_77Dec 19, 2018

Wait!! They have tater tots now!!! LOL

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsDec 18, 2018

My only concern? It's a "three hour tour" :)......

trojanjustinDec 18, 2018

For an extra $10 you can have a character meet & greet in front of the Sysco truck as they offload the powdered eggs and frozen tater tots.

Missing20KDec 18, 2018

Pay $99 plus park admission to be a guinea pig, focus grouper, survey taker, dishwasher, sample taster. ;)

PplMoverDec 18, 2018

I’d def give this a whirl... hopefully it will be around in August. Damn look at all the food connoisseurs up in here hating. Lmao kinda simple, just don’t do it

DisneyDebRobDec 18, 2018

I would venture to say that the Brown Derby is one of the best restaurants on property with Sanaa very close. Never had a bad meal at 50’s and sci-fi has gotten much better over the last 2 years. MK is the far away winner of bad food out of the 4 . My opinion of course.

ThatMouseDec 18, 2018

VIP tour to watch them heat up the frozen chicken and giant cans of Ragu?