Swiss Family Treehouse closing for 2 months this summer

May 18, 2016 in "Swiss Family Treehouse"

Posted: Wednesday May 18, 2016 9:10am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Swiss Family Treehouse at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to close for refurbishment later this summer.

The closure begins on July 6 through to September 24, reopening to guests on September 25 2016.

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marni1971Sep 08, 2016

It's a theme, an image, as much as a movie. Thankfully Disney doesn't agree with your silly idea for WDW.

COProgressFanSep 08, 2016

Didn't even think of it this way, but you're exactly right. That's what Disney should be and used to be what they did best. With a broad theme, you can put yourself in a story without any knowledge of IP, etc. How many guests have ever read, seen, or even heard about Swiss Family Robinson? It doesn't matter if you know anything in advance, it just works. Much like Tom Sawyer island, or Haunted Mansion, or Pirates (pre-Jack Sparrow).

Matt_BlackSep 08, 2016

Alright, I liked the theme song well enough (Annette & the Beach Boys, singing about a monkey? SOLD.), but better than Mary Poppins? BLASPHEMY. You're lucky @Magenta Panther isn't here, or he'd tear you a new one.

TalkingHeadSep 08, 2016

The theme song alone is better than anything in Mary Poppins.

Matt_BlackSep 08, 2016

Oh, I have respect for Walt. Put lets not pretend for a minute that everything he touched turned to gold. Remember, he greenlit The Monkey's Uncle.

HerbieSep 08, 2016

Good point, IF that was the best possible selling point, which it's not for those who aren't lazy and unimaginative/uninspired, and who have a respect for the creative output of Walt Disney himself.

Matt_BlackSep 08, 2016

All I'm saying is that when the best possible selling point is that you have a good look at something more interesting in the park, your attraction isn't that good.

SpaceMountain75Sep 08, 2016

Matt_BlackSep 08, 2016

You can imagine a castle view! Isn't that just as good?

SpaceMountain75Sep 08, 2016

Fair enough...but my house doesn't have castle views from upstairs. ;)

Matt_BlackSep 08, 2016

That's also something you can do at home, without forking over the cash for a park ticket.

SpaceMountain75Sep 08, 2016

The waning areas of the Disney parks that don't have "modern" IP shoehorned in are treasures that should be protected, IMO. I love the Swiss Family Treehouse because it leaves room for the individual to imagine themselves in the middle of the adventure, not having the story already filled in for them. Dreaming of living in hammocks, gathering water from buckets, and surveying the jungle from the peaks of a fortress in the trees is still relevant to any person with a sense of imagination. That's pure Disney.

mandstaftSep 08, 2016

Or talking aliens that seem like a dog. ;)

Matt_BlackSep 08, 2016

Yeah, I suppose fighting pirates is a real issue relevant to today's youth.