PHOTOS - Furniture arrives at Storybook Circus D-Zone providing a nice place to rest and relax

Mar 05, 2015 in "Storybook Circus"

Posted: Thursday March 5, 2015 10:20am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Storybook Circus rest and relaxation area in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland has finally come to fruition this week as tables, chairs and other props are now in place in the yellow tent.

The tent has largely been empty since opening, operating as a FASTPASS distribution location, MyMagic+ support area, and most recently as a FastPass+ kiosk location.

Along with plenty of seating and water fountains, the area also offers 120v and USB charging points. You can find the D-Zone tent next to Pete's Silly Sideshow and Casey Jr Splash n Soak.

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jakemanMar 09, 2015

Anyone else have this link since my BFF doesn't seem inclined to help out?

Matt_BlackMar 09, 2015

Yeah, and it's excellently themed. You may not CARE for the theme, but that's a different issue entirely.

Kman101Mar 09, 2015

This is nitpicking at it's finest ... I'll take a shaded seating area anyday at a park that badly needs it. This should be welcomed not ridiculed. I mean, I get that it looks junky. To each their own, I guess.

jakemanMar 09, 2015

Is that Fadra Nally? I've never actually seen one of the Disney Mom called out by name so I did a Google search and her name came up. I took a look at her blog page/Twitter feed/Facebook post and didn't see this mentioned (I only looked for about 5 minutes). Could you provide a link? I'd be very interest to see what allegedly bankrolled Disney opinion looks like.

ford91exploderMar 09, 2015

Why even bother with design it costs money and even now Fadra and the other 'Disney Moms' are swooning on social media how this is the greatest thing ever done by WDI. It's 'Good Enough' and that's all that counts Just pathetic.

ford91exploderMar 09, 2015

You win, The cool bit about the Ghola's at least the later ones is they had all the memories of the person

Monorail_Red_77Mar 09, 2015


Monorail_Red_77Mar 09, 2015

My comment was meant as a funny loose overall thought, in that they are making the area look more like a carny type atmosphere. I was never meaning that Walt didn't like Circus stuff like Dumbo and such. ;)

ford91exploderMar 09, 2015

Correct - from what series of books

Monorail_Red_77Mar 09, 2015

It's an artificially created human, created from a dead person.

Gabe1Mar 09, 2015

Looking at the picture off the facade of that tent-ish structure, boy is it third rate, the hodgepodge of junky miscellaneous crud they tossed in there just adds to the ick factor. Hardly lives up to the standards of the Magic Kingdom. Disappointing that bad goes to worse.

DisneyGentlemanMar 09, 2015

WondersOfLifeMar 08, 2015

Sped2424Mar 08, 2015