February's Disneyland 60 TV special will include a preview of the upcoming Star Wars themed lands

Jan 28, 2016 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Posted: Thursday January 28, 2016 2:24pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

"The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60" TV special will include a preview of the new Star Wars themed lands coming to Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort.

Harrison Ford, who plays the part of Han Solo in the Star Wars movies will present the preview, which promises to reveal new details about the huge Star wars expansions on both the east and west coasts.

"The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60," hosted by Dancing With the Stars pro dancer Derek Hough will air on Sunday February 21 2016 at 8pm EST on ABC.

Also confirmed to be part of the show are Elton John, Josh Gad, Witney Carson, and a live orchestra performing the music of John Williams.

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MovieloverJan 13, 2018

doctornickJan 13, 2018

They have now

wdwgreekFeb 25, 2016

I think this has been discussed before, or at least I know I have asked the same thing,I believe the answer was that Star Wars Land will start at the back end of Echo lake into the current parking lot? I think, please correct me anyone. I still wonder about Muppets being where it is, and or what they are doing in SOA.

FrankLapidusFeb 25, 2016

If the Muppets are evicted then I think that that will probably be it for them at WDW. I don't dislike the Muppets but I think theyd be expendable, it just depends on whether Disney decide that that area would be better served by repurposing it.

SYRIK2000Feb 25, 2016

I think if SWL goes back there it means the end of Muppets in DHS. Pizza Planet could just as easily have droids hocking the pizza.

jt04Feb 25, 2016

I think after phase 1 opens Kermit will be finding a new lily pad.

HauntedMansionFLAFeb 25, 2016

DHS has a bit of a problem with where Star Tours is located and some members are saying it will be built at the SOA area going toward LMA area. The tricky thing is that The Muppets is located in between ST and where some are saying SWL will be built. Anyone have some feedback?

doctornickFeb 25, 2016

No idea what is happening with Star Tours in California, but I do love the logic of changing the ride because it won't be in the same land as the soon to be built other SW stuff, but then offering Iron Man as a theme even though it won't be in the same land as the soon to be built other Marvel stuff.

*Q*Feb 24, 2016

They're building a minefield at Hollywood Studios?

michmousefanFeb 24, 2016

Sort of looks like the front part of the ride vehicle, on the right side of the image (under the ABC logo in this pic) -- which I assume is the center of the vehicle if it seats four across in front -- is the head of a droid like R5D4... so perhaps the whole vehicle is some sort of an adapted droid that you ride in and guides you around. In the video the head even spins around like a droid. That would certainly make sense if it's a trackless layout; the droids could be essentially mini-pilots, and lots of droids glide around here and there like trackless vehicles.

BrianLoFeb 24, 2016

No. It's staying put in DL. (At least until a big tomorrow land redo - currently scheduled for post-pigs learning to fly and Epcot getting fixed). It most certainly is never becoming a clone of Ironman from HKDL.

JohnDFeb 24, 2016

ST in DHS will probably stay where it is. DL poses a problem with SW Land behind Frontierland on one side and ST in Tomorrowland on the other. If I were to guess, I'd say they would keep ST running in Tomorrowland until a new on is built in SW Land.

Next Big ThingFeb 24, 2016

I live on the Florida coast so I wouldn't take that bet.

DaveeeeedFeb 23, 2016

You have a higher chance of getting attacked by a shark then they completely get rid of Star Tours. More than likely what will happen in Anaheim is they will use the current Star Tours for possibly Iron Man like in Hong Kong, and just build a new Star Tours for the Star Wars land, but I could be wrong. In Hollywood Studios though., I guess they could relocate it, but its highly unlikely, and either way we would still have it.