John Williams' Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Symphonic Suite wins GRAMMY

Jan 27, 2020 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

John Williams won his 25th Grammy last night for the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Symphonic Suite, winning in the Best Instrumental Composition category.

The piece was written specially for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge now, now fully open at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The track is available for streaming on Apple Music.

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Article Posted: Jan 27, 2020 / 1:46pm ET
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TINKWINGS25 days ago

Wish this was on a CD......:angelic:. It is available on a record or MP3.....

180º25 days ago

And when you take off from Batuu in ROTR, and in chime form at the land’s entrances.

Supreme Leader26 days ago

The theme is played in Savi's Workshop and on MF:SR.


How can you win an award for a theme no one has heard in the land? strange

RSoxNo1Oct 26, 2020

What's cool about the Pandora atmospheric sounds is that there's a call and response component and it changes at night.

ImperfectPixieOct 26, 2020

It likely has to do with GE being mostly comprised of man-made structures, while Pandora is all "nature".

Magic FeatherOct 25, 2020

I never totally understood why Pandora’s lack of BGM works so well for me but GE’s doesn’t. Personally, I think an in theme way that best extends BGM is the have some variant of Imperial March follow Stormtroopers around the land (Solo showed that the tune was used as propaganda in universe), and to extend the BGM found on DB7’s Patio into the Marketplace (it makes sense that drummers would be playing music in that marketplace). Those measures alone should help to bridge some gaps.

MovieloverOct 25, 2020

While I wouldn't want the more larger pieces of the Star Wars musical themes like the Force theme or main fanfare playing all the time, the more melodic pieces would be a nice undertone for the land. Diagon Ally nailed this tone perfectly.

rreadingOct 25, 2020

I thought that they might have been taking a page from AK...that they want you to be a participant in the adventure. To me, that wouldn’t preclude background music as part of the setting, but I guess they are trying to keep it “real”

doctornickOct 24, 2020

If they ever travel to Batuu on The Mandalorian or any other SW show or movie, I hope they incorporate this theme to the scenes

RteetzOct 24, 2020

Pandora really only has background music at Satuli Canteen. The rest is “real” planet sounds and noises.

rreadingOct 24, 2020

I find it interesting that some of the best musical atmosphere is in the restrooms of Galaxies edge. The restroom by the droids near Toy Story in particular has some pretty good alien dance music. Does background music permeate Harambe or Pandora? They put in an effort at GE but clearly decided to keep the land music-free. Disappointing to me but they could always change their mind

DuckbergJan 30, 2020

Like film composers of the past such as Korngold & Steiner, they would often sample musical passage from prior work to then current projects. Williams piece here is very short, but feels like that. As a JW listener;) I would rate this as just OK :cool:

BromBonesJan 29, 2020

It was okay. Compared to past Williams work, this is quite forgettable and surely will not be something you hum while cleaning out the garage.