VIDEO - New concept art of the upcoming Star Wars-Inspired Resort coming to Walt Disney World

Feb 22, 2018 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Posted: Thursday February 22, 2018 8:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today shared a couple of new pieces of artwork showing more of the upcoming Star Wars-Inspired Resort coming to Walt Disney World.

Disney says that, "the immerse experience offered at this hotel will stand out among all of our resorts around the globe. As you can see, families visiting this resort will board a starship alive with characters and stories that unfold all around them during their voyage through the galaxy – and every window has a view of space! The resort will also be seamlessly connected to the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, allowing guests a complete Star Wars experience. Guests visiting the resort will be welcome to participate as a resident of the galaxy by dressing in Star Wars-inspired attire."

An opening date and precise location is yet to be announced.

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raymusiccity9 hours ago

It's becoming a challenge separating the 'trollers' from the 'trollee's' !! 😄

MisterPenguin10 hours ago

Your destiny lies not on a path, but in your choices. good job, nerds you figured it out.

rle4lunch10 hours ago

they'd slap a cancer warning prop 65 sticker on it first... :rolleyes:

FigmentFan8212 hours ago

guessing $1,200pp for 2 nights, $600kids

UNCgolf12 hours ago

Exactly. And since the Starcruiser is highly anticipated (as was Galaxy's Edge), there's no good reason whatsoever to oversell. They don't need to attract people. Overpromising can only hurt.

ImperfectPixie13 hours ago

Always under promise and over deliver.

UNCgolf14 hours ago

I also agree, but that's still my point. They're overselling it in a way they don't need to. There's no reason to put something out there that even implies it's going to be more than what it is. There's no upside; only downside. It's the same thing they did with Galaxy's Edge. Part of the GE problem was due to cutting things they'd announced, but they still kept referring to "live your own story" like it was going to be something fundamentally different than any other theme park land as opposed to just having a few small things here and there. Not that I'm suggesting the Starcruiser and GE are going to be the same -- I expect the Starcruiser to be much closer to what they hinted GE would be.

larryz14 hours ago

So the wait time is over a year... got it.

larryz14 hours ago

I wonder what California would say about that...

nickys14 hours ago

I think they mean that everyone can do different things, you won’t be forced to do A then B then C and then D. You can choose to go to the bridge and join the battle or go down to the engineering room or take light sabre class. That’s how it’s tailored to you, by your choices.

UNCgolf14 hours ago

Right, I'm not arguing that. That's exactly what I expect to happen. There will be some choices here and there. That's not how they're marketing it, though, which is my point. They're marketing it like every single person is going to have a unique experience specifically tailored to them and not something done by majority or something similar. There's no chance that happens.

nickys22 hours ago

There are only 100 rooms, so 400 people in total for each “voyage”. Don’t see why it’s not do-able. There’s a planetarium-type attraction near me that runs shows about the environment. At certain points it asks the audience to vote for a choice. Depending on how the audience votes, you then see the impact of that choice. Same could be done here.

UNCgolf1 day ago

I actually don't think there will be any upcharge opportunities -- at least at first. I think it would be pretty bad PR to charge people what they're going to charge for an immersive experience, and then tell them to get the full immersive experience, you need to pay even more. I wouldn't be surprised to see some added down the line but I expect they'll make it a fully inclusive one price experience to start (other than merch and booze like you mentioned; I'm sure there will be opportunities to spend more money on that type of thing).

MisterPenguin1 day ago