Cast Member previews to begin August 1 at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jul 12, 2019 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Posted: Friday July 12, 2019 10:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge looks to be taking big step closer to its official opening on August 29 with the start of Cast Member previews earlier in August.

Cast Member previews are scheduled for August 1 to August 16 2019, with Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Oga's Cantina, and Savi's Workshop all expected to be available during those dates.

Although not announced, it would seem likely that Annual Passholder previews are planned following the conclusion of the Cast Member previews.

Disney also announced this week that Rise of the Resistance will open at Walt Disney World on December 5 2019 in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

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RagerunnerAug 23, 2019

So I have heard (take it for what it’s worth) that there will be no soft opening. Disney wants a big line for opening day to show the media that Galaxy’s Edge is a hit. A soft opening could reduce opening day crowds.

IMDREWAug 21, 2019

Went to AP Preview yesterday, completely loved it :)

dothebrdwalkAug 19, 2019

So.... odds of a Soft Opening this weekend?

flyakiteAug 19, 2019

I sat with a couple who ordered the rancor teeth this Sunday. So they were available that day.

Zé_CariocaAug 19, 2019

I don't remember where but I saw someone who went this weekend post a photo of the menu and there was a sketch of the flight served on the rancor teeth so I think they are officially on the menu now, especially since I know for sure that the drinks with the mugs have been added.

HoustonHornAug 19, 2019

That makes sense, but I was really just joking about the "loophole" they created by using the word "drink" and then adding a "food" with booze. I'm not looking to get plastered, but this comes so close to the opening of F&W that I figured some folks may get lost looking for EPCOT and end up in Oga's looking for their fix. But I have a question about something else you mentioned - the lack of beer flight on the Oga's menu at MGM. That was the main thing I was looking to waste spend my money on in the Cantina - all of the cocktails look too sweet for my taste, and all of the beers look good. Was hoping to get a flight for the tasting and souvenirs, then pick my favorite for Round 2 (plus, if possible, the jello shot). But the photos I've seen do not have the flight on the menu. Does anyone know if the beer flights have been added (or are going to be added) to the menu by Opening Day?

Zé_CariocaAug 19, 2019

At least when I went they said that 2 drinks was more like 2 items maximum. So if I got one of the "jello" items it would count towards my count. Granted I went in the afternoon during CM previews and the menu wasn't finalized yet (for example, the drinks with the mugs weren't in the menu yet and neither was the beer flight in the tusks and there were no food items). I imagine that going in the morning one would be able to order food items and still have their two drinks.

HoustonHornAug 19, 2019

Remember - it is a 2 DRINK maximum. They haven't limited how many of the jello shots you can buy.... :hungover::hungover::hungover::hungover::hungover::hungover::hungover:

The_JobuAug 18, 2019

That does make sense. I suppose someone could keep buying drinks and say “you can’t kick me out I just bought another drink!”

pdude81Aug 18, 2019

If you've ever dealt with a 3 hour wait to get into trader sams on a Wednesday afternoon, you know why they might want to kick people out of here when there isn't a ton to do in the land. Otherwise people sit there milking there one or two drinks for hours and just enjoy the ambiance.

TJJohn12Aug 18, 2019

To ensure crowds turn over at a reasonable rate, I expect.

The_JobuAug 18, 2019

How very odd 🤔 I don't quite understand this measure.

TeriofTerrorAug 18, 2019

Yes, I'm afraid it is. Here is an email I received for my ADR in September:

Beacon JoeAug 18, 2019

Adam the Woo's video of the PH preview: