The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau outlines his idea for a Razor Crest ride at Disney Parks

22 days ago in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

The Mandalorian and Grogu meet and greet at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023 6:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In an interview with IMDB, The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau outlines his idea for a Disney Parks ride inspired by the hit Disney+ show.

Favreau says the ride would be an immersive experience in the Razor Crest ship. He goes on to say it would also have a behind-the-scenes educational component.

Here is the clip from IMDB.

The Mandalorian and Grogu have recently begun appearing in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios, coinciding with the debut of the third season of The Mandalorian on Disney+.

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Robbiem18 days ago

Thats a great idea. They could make an amazing show if they use volume technology to put you in star wars locales its a pity they don’t do behind the scenes stuff anymore

Adventure Has A Name18 days ago

They could get a lot of mileage out of a Superstar Television-type show where audience members are put in famous scenes from the Star Wars films and shows. That would be both a "how we make shows" attraction and a Luke Skywalker/Han Solo/Mandalorian/Baby Yoda attraction.

Dead200919 days ago

I love it

EPCOT-O.G.19 days ago

The conversation was about Batuu, which is set within the “current” generation of films. The decision to fix that land within those films remains a mind-boggling one. It’s germane to the discussion, as is Disney’s inability to produce films for theatrical release.

Alanzo19 days ago

I really appreciate the fact that there are always people out there who are willing to share their honest opinions about the current generation of Star Wars films, even when the conversation isn't necessarily about them. It can be tough when you feel like your own perspective isn't being represented, so it's great to know that there are others who feel the same way. I may not personally share their views on the films, but I'm grateful for their willingness to speak up and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.

EPCOT-O.G.19 days ago

and that includes the theatrical slate of possible films

erasure fan119 days ago

If only there was a land in one of the Disney parks where you could put such a ride.

Purduevian20 days ago

If is to be believed: Batuu was host to a variety of different creatures, including the Batlizard, Batuuan braga bear, dugar dugar, lahiroo, pipa bird, Snarlok,[12] [URL='']nightsnake, [URL='']terra tree toad,[URL=''][2] [URL='']Batuuan Rat, and [URL='']Spiran Firefly. [URL='']Catfish also lived in the sinkholes.[URL=''][4] In [URL='']34 ABY, creatures such as [URL='']demlins, [URL='']acid-spitters and [URL='']Kowakian monkey-lizards could be found in regions of the [URL='']Batuu Wilds such as around the [URL='']Three Suns Overlook, [URL='']Dead Root Refuge and [URL='']Hissiq Springs. At that time, [URL='']porgs could also be seen at [URL='']Seezelslak's [URL='']cantina.[URL=''][11] [/QUOTE]

Bocabear20 days ago

But Batuu is a battle scarred desert planet... the natural plants and animals? Looks like everything is dead there to me except for this outpost. YES SWGE needs another attraction, family friendly would be nice, but not another NRJ...Maybe it needs something as simple as a people mover type attraction giving an overhead shuttle tour of the area...

Purduevian20 days ago

If/when SWGE gets a 3rd ride. They really need a no height family ride as there is very little for small children to do there (and all of DHS for that matter). It would be nice to have a NRJ mashed up with Jungle cruise type ride showcasing the natural plants/animals of Batuu hosted by an animatronic alien.

Tony the Tigger20 days ago

Exactly. This was a casual conversation. I like the idea, though.

Figments Friend20 days ago

Plus, it already looks ‘Star Wars-ish’ and will require the absolute minimum investment externally. Would not at all surprise me…. -

montyz8121 days ago

Me: This isn't the ride you're looking for. WDWMagic Forum Member: This isn't the ride we're looking for. Me: You can go about your business. WDWMagic: We can go about our business. Me: Move along. WDWMagic: Move along... move along.

ppete197521 days ago

How movies are made I would guess. How sound is done, special effects, you could even have a few volumes there. IF only there was a park this would have fit into 10-20 years ago.....