Star Wars Land set to be built on the former backlot area?

Apr 07, 2016 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

The site of the upcoming Star Wars Land has been a hot topic among fans, and Disney has now given perhaps the biggest public hint of its chosen location.

Overnight, Disney has added the originally released concept art of Star Wars Land to the construction wall by the Writer's Stop at Streets of America. (Photo below shows the wall as of Sunday, which at that time did not show the concept art)

If this positioning of the artwork is hinting at what is to come behind the walls, then it seems that Star Wars Land will be built on the backlot, and not on the Echo Lake/Indiana Jones area as previously thought. In the Echo Lake scenario, the backlot was expected to be home to an unannounced phase 3 expansion of the park.

Adding even more weight to this theory is that in the new Toy Story Land concept art released on Sunday, a second land appears on the left edge, which appears to be that of Star Wars. Its position puts it on the Streets of America area.

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Article Posted: Apr 07, 2016 / 10:08am EDT