MagicBand+ will enable new 'Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters' game at Disney's Hollywood Studios

May 04, 2022 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

MagicBand+ installation at Galaxy's Edge
Posted: Wednesday May 4, 2022 9:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the debut of Disney's MagicBand+ just around the corner, Disney is revealing more details about some of the interactive elements that will be unlocked by the new wearable device.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will be home to the 'Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters' game. Guests wearing the MagicBand+ will be able to join the guild to find virtual bounties hidden around Batuu. The MagicBand+ will use light patterns and haptic feedback for wayfinding.

With the mission complete, guests can visit the guild master for a reward of galactic credits, which can be virtually viewed via the Play Disney Parks app curtsey of augmented reality. Thanks to @BrookeGMcDonald on Twitter for the details.

Disney is yet to announce a specific date for the launch of MagicBand+ beyond "summer", but the latest speculation is that we will see bands on sale in June 2022, with pricing starting at $29.99. Learn more about MagicBand+.

Disney is currently in the process of installing the show elements on Batuu, with this construction wall currently in view near to the Ray and Chewy meet and greet area.

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DCBaker22 days ago

Two new MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for Annual Passholders and Resort guests.

DCBaker27 days ago

Disney has added a commemorative Disney100 MagicBand+ design on the discount page for Resort guests and Annual Passholders. Mickey and Minnie are featured on the band. You can find it here -

DCBakerDec 22, 2022

A couple new MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for APs and Resort guests. You can find them here -

phillip9698Dec 12, 2022

My kids loved the bands, they are 6 and 4. The 4 year old in particular got very excited whenever it would start to change colors during a parade or fireworks, the 6 year old liked waving at the statues. Me, i just had a regular old magic band and i think ill keep it as long as the battery holds. I liked not having to charge it every night and my kids and wife MB+ kept falling off but i never had that issue with mine over the past 7-8 years.

mickEbluDec 12, 2022

They re not bad but it’s almost like they don’t make these for parks fans. Where is the talking skull from POTC? Where are the dolls/animals from IASW? Where’s Jungle Cruise Bathing Bertha? I like the print on that Stitch band. Why not make an Adventureland band with a print like that? I like that WDW one at the top though.

DCBakerDec 12, 2022

A few new MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for APs and Resort guests. Each band is priced at $34.99. You can find them here - 684783684784

GringrinngghostDec 11, 2022

I brought mine to epcot, outside of it getting stuck I had no issues at all with battery life and didnt charge it at all in park. I guess tho that was due to the fact that I did not do anything with it really.

Br0ckfordDec 10, 2022

I was very disappointed with ours last week. Agree with the statue volume. My charge never lasted all day. The colors blinking in time with the MVMCP was cool though.

ilovetotravel1977Dec 10, 2022

My nephew bought one and I agree about the volume for the statues, and they only said a very short blurb. He used it in Galaxy's Edge to bounty hunt. It lit up during fantasmic, etc. So glad I didn't buy one for DD, saved myself $35-$50 US.

GringrinngghostDec 10, 2022

Before or after the 1000 cycle charge count.

MisterPenguinDec 10, 2022

If this is the best they can say about MB+, it's not a lot... I got one. The 50th statues' audio is mostly drowned out by background park noise. So... that's bleh. MagicShots were always available before MB+. Altho... it did seem some StoryMaker features were active. In Star Tours, the second screening droid had names of guests up on the monitor behind it. I only sprung for MB+ so that I can have a rechargeable battery and never have to buy a new one again.

correcaminosNov 07, 2022

Newer apple watches yes, older no. It's software stopping Android watches afaik, but as a whole phones can do pretty much all functions including opening the door through the MDE app. I've had issues with photos coming in using only my phone but I plan to retry again to see at some point. I do plan to have a MB+ puck with me to make sure though so that's not a big deal. I'm not a fan of wearing magic bands as a whole and tend to leave my smart watch at home and just carry a fitbit due to unsightly tan lines from large watches on a tiny wrist ;)

JaxFLBearNov 07, 2022

An Apple Watch (series 3 and newer) can replace a MagicBand for many functions, but not all. An Apple Watch can't (currently) be used to unlock any doors or gates at your Disney Resort. An Apple Watch can be used for park entry, Lightening Lane entry, room charging & manual photo linking. NFC Android smartwatches are not (currently) supported.

KeithVHNov 04, 2022

After 76 pages, I'm looking for the TL;DR version of what I'm wondering - with them utilizing some aspect(s) of NFC, can an Apple watch be sit to mimic the capabilities of an MB now? Since NFC is platform agnostic, what about Android watches?