A look at the new indoor-outdoor lounge at Splitsville Disney Springs

Apr 01, 2021 in "Splitsville"

Splitsville new indoor-outdoor bar
Posted: Thursday April 1, 2021 4:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Splitsville Disney Springs opens its new indoor/outdoor bar and lounge this evening and we've got a quick look both inside and out.

Offering the range of speciality Splitsville drinks, you can choose to sit inside in the lounge, or take a seat on the bar counter outside.

The new lounge is located on the ground floor in the corner of the building closest to the Orange Garage, replacing a couple of bowling lanes.

The outdoor side of the bar is accessed from the walkway directly outside of the entry/exit of the Orange Garage, and directly opposite the group's other new location, Everglazed donuts.

The existing, and always busy, outdoor bar on the corner of the building remains open for business as usual with this new addition.

You can find Splitsville on the Westside at Disney Springs, offering bowling, a full restaurant, and a number of bar areas including live music.

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Prince-1Apr 02, 2021

They will make a lot more money selling drinks then with people bowling.

wdwmagicApr 02, 2021

I think it might show where the money is to be made.

DznyGrlSDApr 02, 2021

oh good...there is seating. It looks very nice!! This is a great addition to Splitsville. I'd love to see more Springs restaurants adding additional inside/outside options.

Horizons1Apr 02, 2021

Looks nice. Still surprised they removed some lanes.

DznyGrlSDMar 30, 2021

oh really? I go see my friends play all of the time and never thought about the noise for the theatre. They are NOT getting ride of the "patio" bands, however.

CaptainAmericaMar 30, 2021

That bar is a huge problem. It creates a TON of noise pollution inside the theaters on that side of the AMC when there is live music going on.

halltdMar 30, 2021

The new graphics are so much nicer!

wdwmagicMar 30, 2021

The other bar will remain

DznyGrlSDMar 30, 2021

I doubt the corner bar is going away. I have friend that play live music there on a regular basis. I think this is just for additional beverage sales.

DznyGrlSDMar 30, 2021

So...no additional outdoor seating? just walk-up? will this eliminate the walk-up at the main outside bar?

halltdJan 02, 2021

Is the bar on the corner that they already have going away? Seems like an odd place to me...especially if they're getting rid of lanes. I guess their food and beverage is more profitable. PS: Are those graphics supposed to be that color or are they just crazy faded and need replaced? :)