Ziploc plastic bag distribution to begin soon at Splash Mountain

Sep 15, 2018 in "Splash Mountain"

Ziploc plastic bag distribution will soon begin at Splash Mountain as part of the new sponsorship deal with S.C. Johnson & Son.

As part of the long-term sponsorship deal, guests will have access to Ziploc bags at Splash Mountain, which are already widely used by guests to keep possessions protected on water rides.

Recycling options will be available at the ride's exit for those guests who do not wish to use the Ziploc bag.

The bags were expected to begin distribution back in August, but the timing clashed with Disney's announcement of its plans to reduce plastic consumption. That effort has led to the withdrawal of plastic straws and hotel in-room plastics.

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Article Posted: Sep 15, 2018 / 8:13am ET
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gljvdSep 23, 2018

What do you think happens to items in landfills ?

Jambo JoeSep 22, 2018

Upsetting? That seems a little dramatic. I certainly think it’s hysterical that the straw/lid/bag initiative was timed for release at the same time as the ziploc announcement. Poor coordination of messaging.

Mr IncredibleSep 20, 2018

Seepage now? Talk about moving the goalpost. After decades of environmentalism enforced in this country since 1980 especially, suddenly we are polluting our oceans? You do realize that China and India are the ones polluting the oceans right? It's not us. As you said, WE have landfills. We put our waste into controlled locations or we recycle. For over 30 years that has been taught and enforced throughout the country. Banning straws, plastic lids or plastic bags is not going to solve anything especially when Disney sells a ton of plastic based products or products wrapped in plastic. Plastic waste will always be there.

Mr_BernardSep 20, 2018

Along with those idiot’s remaining brain cells.

SquishySep 20, 2018

Most likely you will start seeing them end up in the splash mountain water floating around.

gljvdSep 20, 2018

They may be in a landfill today and away from the ocean but that may not be true tomorrow. Also a lot of florida sits under the water table so any seepage will make its way into lakes and the ocean

LensmanSep 20, 2018

None sold yet! LOL

GoofyernmostSep 20, 2018

Well, there is no accounting for the brain dead.

NateD1226Sep 19, 2018

One is already going for 20 bucks!

Mr IncredibleSep 19, 2018

So if they are in a landfill....then they aren't in the ocean, and the plastic is in a contained space. So no need for a ban.

monothingieSep 19, 2018

It's coming folks, don't doubt me. There are many many many stupid people on this planet.

gljvdSep 19, 2018

Most likely because straws and lids are thrown into the regular trash and are thus sent to a landfill where they will sit for decades if not centuries. Right now there is nothing that eats plastic and so only the sun breaks plastic down and that can take a very long time , if its buried in a landfill it may never actually break down. With current landfills they use liners around the pits to stop stuff from entering the ground water. However because of this they are making coffins of crap where even things that take days or weeks to break down like bananas or apples wont actually break down and become mummified. For Disney just removing plastic lids and straws means they don't need to pay for sorting garbage and they can hopefully focus on sending compost to special dumps that handle it and send the already sorted (by guests) plastics to a recycle center and the rest to a traditional dump. LIke i said , e waste is just send to another country and stripped of its precious metals and just sits there either to be burned off or rot near rivers and over vast amounts of land. So if they can save phones in echange for plastic bags there shouldn't be an issue. If they have a bag recycle point after the line where you can return the bags so they can be recycled that would be even better

PiebaldSep 18, 2018

How long before those stupid bags get sold on EBay and sell out and become a collectible item?

Magicart87Sep 18, 2018

That or Ziploc chose to sponsor the iconic Splash Mountain knowing it's helluvalot better than Kali; the worst rapids ride in themepark history! Also Ziploc and ♬ Zip-a-dee ♬ has better alliteration for marketing/branding purposes.