Splash Mountain closing for most of January 2018 for refurbishment

Nov 08, 2017 in "Splash Mountain"

Splash Mountain nearing end of 2017 refurbishment
Posted: Wednesday November 8, 2017 1:10pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled for another refurbishment early in the new year.

The refurbishment is planned to begin on January 8 through to February 1, with a reopening to guests on February 2 2018.

Splash Mountain is nearing the end of a major refurbishment, which began on August 28, lasting through to November 16 2017.

Although the January refurbishment has been rumored for some time, Disney has now begun cancelling FP+ selections that time frame, which appears to confirm the refurbishment will indeed take place.

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Splash Mountain is nearing the end of its 2017 refurbishment

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cwoms197Feb 08, 2018

After all the refurbs that have been done on this attraction it still is not how it once was. Watched a video from 1997 and everything was loud and seemed full of life. The mist on the final drop was even working. Do we think we will ever see this splash mountain again?

yaksplatFeb 05, 2018

You have to make your own.

Magenta PantherFeb 05, 2018

Well, hallelujah! Nice to see him back!

RainemanFeb 04, 2018

If I went to WDW and Splash was open, I’d feel like I was in an alternate dimension or something lol. But I can’t say enough about those washrooms- if you like peace and quiet when you gotta sit and do your business, that’s the spot when Splash is down for maintenance. Not gonna get that calm atmosphere in the Tangled bathrooms, for example.

larryzFeb 04, 2018

Good job finding the silver lining on that one!

RainemanFeb 04, 2018

Four trips to WDW in my life, only once was Splash built and open. Not complaining though-when Splash is in a refurb, the bathrooms are one of the quietest you will find in MK, all tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main Frontierland crowd.

tlking88Feb 04, 2018

Was in there today. There was one small section of Thumper maybe 10. Then maybe I'd say at max 100 shirts total in maybe a few designs. I walked in and thought ummm... "going out of business" would be appropriate to the amount of merchandise in the after ride gift shop. There was more dead space then you can imagine.

insert name hereFeb 04, 2018

Yeah, I would have been devastated as a kid if I couldn't have gotten a Brer Rabbit plush. Now the gift shop is filled with Thumper plush toys because they hope guests will be too stupid to not tell the difference.

Pam Hates PenguinsFeb 03, 2018

Mr. Bluebird's on my expectations!

Brer OswaldFeb 03, 2018

I think so. For some reason, I’m convinced it’s a different animatronic...or at least the old one with heavy alterations made to it.

Captain BarbossaFeb 03, 2018

One can only hope.

Tom MorrowFeb 03, 2018

Isn't Blue Bird's head supposed to turn?

disneyC97Feb 03, 2018

I wish there was more merchandise with the various Brer characters. I have a cool Brer Frog plush from a 1993 trip.

marni1971Feb 03, 2018

It’s worked. On and off.