Disney World's Splash Mountain closing in January 2022 for refurbishment

Dec 07, 2021 in "Splash Mountain"

Posted: Tuesday December 7, 2021 11:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom will be closing for routine refurbishment early in 2022.


The closure begins January 10 through February 10, with a reopening to guests planned for February 11 2022. View all current and upcoming Walt Disney World refurbishments.

This closure is for routine maintenance, and will not see any changes to the show, or include any work on the upcoming transformation into the Tiana themed ride.

Disney has not yet released a closing date for Splash Mountain, or a timeline for the completion of the retheme. You can read some recent comments on the Tiana project from the Magic Kingdom Vice President here.

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celluloidDec 13, 2021

Good points. Mechanics sitting is often worse than running them half as well.

ToTBellHopDec 13, 2021

Its last closure was right before the pandemic closure in January/February 2020. Definitely necessary.

Kirby86Dec 13, 2021

I just want to point out that the ride hasn't gone down for a refurbishment since probably early 2020 at the latest. Honestly it was probably earlier then that. Best case scenario it went through the rest of 2020 after the park was reopened after shutdown and all of 2021 with its last refurbishment being done before the pandemic was a thing. Worst case it's last refurbishment was the 2019 one. Disney pretty much drove this ride into the ground.

EagleScout610Dec 13, 2021

Found this fairly recent vid. Definitely getting to 2012 levels of broken again. HDYD: First two frogs frozen Farthest left goose barely moving Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear both looking very dirty Br'er Fox barely moving Br'er Rabbit moving slower than usual Raccoon scene very dark Br'er Raccoon not moving Br'er Fox's jaw stuck shut Br'er Bear not moving up and down No hopping Br'er Rabbit (No surprise) Br'er Fox speaker blown (Wayyy to quiet and very staticy) Br'er Fox barely moving Dialouge seems to be playing more than usual LP/Big Drop: Br'er Bear audio out (Can barely hear it) Laughing Br'er Rabbit missing No jumping water Neither turtle working Br'er Fox jaw very stiff, not fluid at all Lights off on vultures Audio missing at top scene Br'er Fox shadow off ZADD: 3rd gator missing Other two gators moving slower than usual Captain goose on showboat slumped over Showboat not rocking back and forth Br'er Toad with bass barely moving Br'er Turkey stuck with his headed tilted up Audio for Br'er Fox very quiet, can barely hear it. Br'er Fox only tilting head back and forth No gator movement

DjsfantasiDec 11, 2021

Fortunately, both are rides we wouldn’t have done anyway. Don’t feel like getting wet - at any time. And my gf had neck issues that prevent her from going on the wilder roller coasters. Which is most, except SDD.

Kirby86Dec 11, 2021

Yeah a little more of a heads up would have been nice.I mean I had a feeling it would go down for refurbishment around this time since it's the slow season, it didn't have one in 2021,and other rides were going down for refurbishments. However if they announced Splash was going to be refurbished in the same announcement as Expedition Everest people could plan accordingly.

JTTDec 11, 2021

My only issue with this is that they made the announcement 1 month ahead of time. Back in the old days, scheduled maintenance would be announced 6 months ahead of time, so you could plan your trips better. I have a January trip and my favorite ride will be closed. If I had known earlier, I could have planned better.

TikibirdLandDec 09, 2021

Interesting to think about. Of course, I want all animatronics. But, they make the outdoor displays used near pool areas today without issue. So, there are some outdoor rated monitors. But hydraulic / pneumatics are pretty rugged. The problem is that anything used will need maintenance. That's a lot boring than building/painting rocks over in GE. So, neither get the attention they deserve!

EagleScout610Dec 08, 2021

Also the scene with Brer Bear sticking out of the tree before the dip drop with Brer Fox has had audio issues for a while. Brer Bear is wayy too loud next to the background music while Brer Fox's speakers are blown. The scene at the bottom isn't much better with Brer Bear having no audio

JoshsteveDec 08, 2021

If you have a January vacation this is pretty disheartening to have Everest and Splash down at the same time. We got lucky in 2020 with no Splash refurb so i guess it needs to happen.

Kirby86Dec 08, 2021

That's probably what they will do rework the existing songs from the movie to the ride. That's what they did with Splash Mountain. The biggest example is Laughing Place. In Song of the South Laughing Place is a 30 to 40 second song by Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear. They also added another verse to Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah for the ride.

Kirby86Dec 08, 2021

Yeah the ride needs some time In the shop.When I went in August most of Brer rabbits dialog outside of his verse in how do you do? And Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah was missing. Brer Frog had a lazy eye on the lift hill and the the Goose who hooks another Geese hat on his fishing pole well his head wouldn't turn at all. None of the show scenes lights were dimmed out though.

DisneyDodoDec 08, 2021

They will use the songs from the movie, potentially with some words reworked, the same way they do on FEA. I can also see them conjuring up a way to incorporate Dr. Facilier and Ray (and I wouldn’t even put it past them to just include the characters without addressing the inconsistency at all).

ImperfectPixieDec 08, 2021

I'm thinking the exact opposite. Every screen will have multiple boards inside that are sensitive to humidity. Actual animatronics are primarily hydraulics, with behind-stage computer controls, correct?