Disney World's Splash Mountain closing in January 2022 for refurbishment

Dec 07, 2021 in "Splash Mountain"

Posted: Tuesday December 7, 2021 11:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom will be closing for routine refurbishment early in 2022.


The closure begins January 10 through February 10, with a reopening to guests planned for February 11 2022. View all current and upcoming Walt Disney World refurbishments.

This closure is for routine maintenance, and will not see any changes to the show, or include any work on the upcoming transformation into the Tiana themed ride.

Disney has not yet released a closing date for Splash Mountain, or a timeline for the completion of the retheme. You can read some recent comments on the Tiana project from the Magic Kingdom Vice President here.

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Sir_CliffFeb 13, 2022

Yes, you'd swear someone was making a point they weren't being given the resources to do a proper job.

MrPromeyFeb 13, 2022

Almost feels intentional at this point, doesn’t it?

Sir_CliffFeb 13, 2022

Yes, this is yet another moment that really makes you ask what has happened to Disney? Everything now seems literally half-assed.

EagleScout610Feb 13, 2022

Are we talking new artwork or the same one we've seen since 2020?

celluloidFeb 13, 2022

Well said. Inclusiveness was covered if they were already following Safety and Courtesy.

Midwest ElitistFeb 13, 2022

There has been like 0 thought going into this, so that's not a surprise. Who wants to bet that the boat isn't going to make it in the final product either?

IncomudroFeb 13, 2022

What's far worse than this is that according to the artwork I've seen for the Tiana makeover, briars are going to remain when that conversion is done.

Kirby86Feb 13, 2022

It wouldn't have been hard to paint all of the Briar Patch in the first place. I just think they don't care. I don't even think this has to do with the retheme like some places are claiming. I'm betting Disney just dosen't want to pay the cost needed to maintain an attraction this large.

ToTBellHopFeb 13, 2022

I REALLY hope they will paint the rest overnight. It wouldn’t be hard to do.

Goofnut1980Feb 13, 2022

I see that too. Why would you paint only half. This looks so bad for "show". Apparently they have abandoned all the other 4 keys and only have the new one they won't stop talking about. Inclusivity. An organization shouldn't have to point out what they are doing for being inclusive. It should just be part of the culture.

Goofnut1980Feb 13, 2022

I am glad I am not the only one to see the color difference. It looks realllllly bad. Not to mention even the fake grass is different. Left is very yellow and right is very blue.

MrPromeyFeb 13, 2022

So magical! 🤩🥳

trainplane3Feb 13, 2022

Full image:

matt9112Feb 13, 2022