Cast reports from the full rehearsals of SpectroMagic

Mar 29, 2001 in "SpectroMagic"

"Just wanted to let you know I saw SpectroMagic tonight for in it's first performance in two years, it ran twice tonight and it will run twice more tomorrow from 11:00 till 1:00 long after the park closes. It was so beautiful, and brought back so many memories. The additions are few and far between but the floats look gorgeous all rehabbed. The Genie is a nice touch, but Roger Rabbit worked better. Besides that the new Sebastian and Jiminny Cricket audio animatronics are awesome and the new Spectroman Heads are great as well. The parade premieres Monday and we are expecting a full park."

"The Spectro-men have new faces, they are now different flourescent colors. Also, Roger Rabbit has been eliminated from Spectro and replaced with Genie. The mermaid float has added an animatronic Sebastian, appears to be the same as the Magical Moments Sebastian. The had a dress rehearsal on March 28th. Everything else appears to be the same. Looks Great."
Article Posted: Mar 29, 2001 /