Spaceship Earth closing early each day next week for planned maintenance

Sep 28, 2018 in "Spaceship Earth"

Posted: Friday September 28, 2018 4:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Spaceship Earth will be closing early next week due to planned maintenance.

From October 1 to October 4 2018, Spaceship earth will close at 8pm, an hour earlier than its normal 9pm closing.

Guests with FastPass+ will be able to select another attraction or different time.

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mikejs78Oct 10, 2018

FP does add to the wait time for some rides and reduces it in others. And besides the refurbishments, there's also been the rapidly increasing attendance without adding any more capacity, which I think is far more contributive to the increased wait times than FP+. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you compare the year leading up to FP+ with the year FP+ was introduced (Touring plans has all this historical data), at MK wait times, on the whole, stayed the same.. For some attractions, standby times decreased, for others (HM was one) they slightly increased. But overall there seemed to be little difference year over year on similar days. Epcot is a different story. Rides like Soarin and Test Track had fairly decreases in wait time, whole everything else increased, including SSE. I think this is the result of the tiering system more than FP+, that distributes FPs to attractions that don't need it because you need to pick your 3, but you can only pick one of the headliners.

marni1971Oct 10, 2018

It was pitch black last month at the 52ft level. Too dark given the state of the dawn of time projectors. A few years ago the maintenance pit light were left on for weeks. Tut tut.

bcoachableOct 10, 2018

I bet that is the "Break Room" door... light leaks out some, even when closed- but maybe someone did not shut it properly??

larryzOct 10, 2018

Did they finally close the door/turn off the light at the workstation over on the left in the first minute of the ride?

geekzaOct 10, 2018

Hmm, it's almost like they just told some people to go change out the bulbs and didn't care to make sure that the brightness doesn't adversely affect the show. Naah. That kind of disregard for show wouldn't happen at Disney. :banghead:

marni1971Oct 10, 2018

It’s currently far too bright. Light spill is falling on the interior of the geosphere and the protruding earth is casting a shadow above. It’s ambient light is also illuminating 180top too much.

wdwtoptenOct 10, 2018

Fine by me...I'm not a fan of the ride anyhow. In my opinion, it was been too dim for years now. This one has been way, way too dim and dark for years as well.

wishiwere@wdwOct 08, 2018

Interesting. I actually thought it was too bright Friday night. To the point that infrastructure was visible and the seams on the screen were clearly visible. 100% agree on the paperboy. It actually drawls your attention... in a bad way.

geekzaOct 08, 2018

But, see, that's an intentional choice to represent the dimming of memory through the passage of time! Yeah! That's it! :grumpy:

WDW862Oct 07, 2018


rocketraccoonOct 06, 2018

Nothing is really visually different other than some lighting changes. The backdrop that the paper boy in the newspaper scene is yelling at is notably brighter though, so much so that the paper boy's arm is casting a shadow on it. Not a great look. The prehistoric projection is dimmer than ever.

marni1971Oct 06, 2018

That means the UV lights still haven’t been fixed. Like the entrance to Greece archway a lot of the UV fixtures are life expired. Although I agree not seeing them clearly on the descent could be a bonus.

wishiwere@wdwOct 06, 2018

To be honest, I thought it was actually too bright. They may not be done tinkering though and it still looked better than being too dim. The matrix projection looked much better and I’d say 75% of the random triangles didn’t have black light on them. This was an improvement lol. It seems there are lots of tweaks and adjustments being made each day.

peter11435Oct 06, 2018

I have a secret for you...