AT&T pulling sponsorship from Spaceship Earth

Jan 23, 2003 in "Spaceship Earth"

This item circulated amongst AT&T employees, indicates sponsorship is being heavily cut at all Disney parks.

AT&T ENDS SPONSORSHIPS AT DISNEY PARKS – As part of a continuous evaluation of our sponsorship activities, AT&T has decided not to renew our sponsorships of Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World (Florida) and Innoventions at Disneyland (California). AT&T made this decision as part of its ongoing efforts to make the best possible use of our sponsorship dollars and ensure the best possible match with our business priorities. AT&T's sponsorship of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT Center began 20 years ago during the days of the Bell System. While we have evolved our partnership with the Walt Disney Company over the years, the Spaceship Earth and Innoventions sponsorships no longer meet the needs of the business. However, we look forward to continuing other marketing and promotional involvement with the Disney Company. Concurrent with the end of the sponsorships, effective Jan. 1, employees no longer have access to discounted Disney tickets or to the hospitality areas associated with these two attractions
Article Posted: Jan 23, 2003 /