Video of the new Muppets 'Rainbow Connection' lighting design at EPCOT's Spaceship Earth

Jan 18, 2022 in "Spaceship Earth"

Spaceship Earth Rainbow Connection
Posted: Tuesday January 18, 2022 10:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a look at the brand-new lighting sequence for Spaceship Earth as part of the 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

In describing the new lighting sequence, Disney says, "As the festival celebrates the artistry of the world, color and imagination play an important role and the latest Spaceship Earth lighting design reflects those ideas. The core values of EPCOT and the optimistic symbolism of Spaceship Earth are perfectly complemented by The Muppets singing Rainbow Connection with this new look."

Watch video of the full 3 minute Spaceship Earth Rainbow Connection sequence below. (4K YouTube version)

Spaceship Earth's lighting show begins just after dark (currently around 6:30pm), and the Rainbow Connection sequence plays approximately every 20 minutes.

The new lighting is achieved through the use of the 2000 point-of-light LEDs that were installed as part of the new look for the main entrance of the park in late 2021. Designers have been creating new looks for the EPCOT icon to celebrate the 50th anniversary, and most recently the holiday season.

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GoofyernmostApr 12, 2022

Kinda useless words if you don't at least direct a person to the specific statements and thoughts that you are referring to via a quote.

BocabearApr 11, 2022

if you are referring to me: We have a group that goes every year... and the group chose Riviera because it was the newest...and yes it does look bad if you are expecting a Disney resort... Now that I have stayed there, I can say the Grand Villa was immense and very pretty... The view was great... But it did not look like a Disney resort... The amenities if the property felt very standard for a decent hotel. There was absolutely nothing that made it feel like it had anything to do with The Riviera aside from a couple framed pictures... It could be a Marriott in anytown USA. for a world class Disney resort, it looks pretty meh... When you think the rooms are upwards of a thousand dollars a night, you would be better off staying at the 4 Seasons for a much more luxe experience and nicer amenities. having skyliner access was nice when it ran but it was frequently shutting down and the changeover station was a cluster I would not choose that resort again... none of us would.

Centauri Space StationApr 10, 2022

And the animatronic wheezy, character figures, themed giant game sets. It’s better than incredicoaster with its babies on sticks

GoofGoofApr 10, 2022

I’d say a small but very vocal minority.

Vinnie MacApr 10, 2022

Half the folks in these forums.

Vinnie MacApr 10, 2022

The car wreck I'm referring to is mid 2000's-2019 EPCOT.

GoofGoofApr 10, 2022

Makes sense. Everyone has a breaking point. Mine will come some day too I am sure. Not in your case, but I do find it ironic when people complain about just about everything but still visit WDW multiple times a year anyway. There’s one guy who literally posted continuously on the Riviera construction threads about how bad the resort looked and how bad it was going to be and then I see the same person talking about their recent stay at Riviera. If you feel that strongly in a negative way about a resort I can’t understand why you would even consider staying there. To each their own I guess. 🤷‍♂️

TikibirdLandApr 10, 2022

It's still a car wreck that could have been avoided. Capacity, Capacity, Capacity. We haven't been since 2017. That was when we saw the car swerving into our lane...

GoofGoofApr 10, 2022

If a trip to WDW has gotten to the point where it’s similar to viewing a car wreck….Probably time to stop going :( I know for me that if I get to the point where I feel anything close to that I will have stopped going already.

Vinnie MacApr 10, 2022

I never said any of that didn't matter so you can put the "lowkey insult" card back into your deck. Man some of you need to get a grip lol.

Vinnie MacApr 10, 2022

Lemme put it like this (and I'll continue with the car wreck analogy): Let's say that you are against modern crumple zones for whatever reason. Instead of appreciating the fact that the car accident could have been much worse had the newer crumple zone not been there, you continue to solely focus on disliking the crumple zone itself rather than the fact that the passengers of said car are still alive BECAUSE of the crumple zone. You just don't want to like the crumple zone because it's new, different, and more up-to-date than what you were familiar with in the past. The car is not going to unwreck itself; the people are alive and more than fine, the crumple zone worked, yet you are still upset because you are against modern crumple zones because in this analogy, you believe that the "old school" crumple zones were better. If you can somehow make sense of this analogy, you'll see the point I'm getting at.

TikibirdLandApr 09, 2022

That's kinda hard to do with the amount of money they're asking for such a less experience. It's like driving by a traffic accident and enjoying how the engineers did such a great job on crumple zones. It's still a car wreck.

UNCgolfApr 09, 2022

All they had to do was set up more scenes outside that you see as you go by -- the track is mostly surrounded by empty land, so it's not like they didn't have room to work with. They wouldn't even need to be anything super elaborate; just some simple toy AAs (or even stationary figures posed in interesting ways). They did that it with the Jessie and Rex figures in the one loop, so obviously it was possible, but the rest of the ride feels barren. Take the drop after the launch for example -- you're just looking at vacant land and a backstage building. There should be something else to see there. Or they could have had it go through a tunnel at one point with some kind of scene inside. It's pretty standard for kids to create cardboard tunnels for trains etc. All the places I marked in red are spots that could/should have additional things to see instead of just vacant land. Ideally they would have designed the ride in a way that would have included other flat rides in some of those places to up the attraction capacity at DHS, but since they didn't do that, they could have at least added more theming on that vacant land.

TikibirdLandApr 09, 2022

The only parts I miss are recess and summer vacation! If only I could continue to get paid while goofing off for three of months a year. 🤣