Permits filed for lighting equipment at Spaceship Earth

Dec 17, 2020 in "Spaceship Earth"

Spaceship Earth overview
Posted: Thursday December 17, 2020 4:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed a number of permits this week for lighting equipment at EPCOT's Spaceship Earth.

The first permit, to be carried out by Pro Sound and Video, is for "Lighting controls, Equipment and Low Voltage Terminations." The second, assigned to InterAmerica Stage, is for "installation of lighting supports." (Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permits)

It isn't clear if the work will take place on the inside or outside of Spaceship Earth, but we do know that a new exterior lighting package is coming to Spaceship Earth. It is possible that these permits may be related to that work. There is also the possibility this may be related to work on the new fountain currently under construction beneath Spaceship Earth. As is often the case with permits, there isn't enough information to be sure of the exact location or scope of the work.

Pro Sound and Video has been involved in many Walt Disney World projects, and works closely with Walt Disney World, including work on Pandora - The World of Avatar.

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Thelazer1 hour ago

I see a ton of dirt that needs to be washed off it.

GrandCanyonConcourse1 hour ago

I see nothing

trainplane31 hour ago

Oh ya, the piercings are creeping lower:

trainplane32 hours ago

Meanwhile back in WS... I watched maintenance work on the train garden for (no joke) nearly 2 hours. So much effort and dedication. They were tweaking the track, replacing couplers and axles on the bad car, and chasing the train around. Too bad you don't see that effort past the entrance.

DreamfinderGuy3 hours ago

There's the EPCOT I know and love!

trainplane33 hours ago

Cool. It's broken. I can't Instagram now, Zach. If I can't do that then what's the point of your position?

mightynine3 days ago

Presented by ZapZyt and Oxy.

Goofyernmost3 days ago

SPACESHIP ZIT... The ride through the hardship and pain of Acne. A journey through time depicting how cavemen (and women, of course) all the way to modern man (and women, of course) dealt with the embarrassment of bumpy skin during Prom time. A sad, and sometimes funny, exploration of teens and beyond. A show that more than scratches the surface of Acne.

jt043 days ago

Even if the lights wouldn't work where they would be just over the walkway, they could easily fabricate a device to create a consistent appearance it seems to me. They wouldn't even need to be wired. They could just use velcro. 🔮 😉

jt043 days ago


zarpman4 days ago

In that case, I really hope that the lights encompass the entire sphere. While I prefer the clean look without them, they don’t look terrible until you see that the lights aren’t everywhere and then they stand out. Kinda reminds me of the 1995 Tomorrowland redo where they cheapened out and didn’t retheme the Peoplemover supports in the back of the land (again, I prefer the original supports and am glad that they have mostly come back, but the inconsistency in the past made me hate the gaudy ones that much more).

Brenthodge5 days ago

It’s not a myth, it’s a system for managing rainwater where the water flows through all the openings (spaces between panels, not just “holes” to the under layer (since SE is actually composed of an outer surface and outer OUTER surface with space between) it flows over the under later to a “gutter” at about the equator of the sphere where the runoff is collected before the water begins to “curve under” the sphere. The lights shouldn’t affect the ability for water to reach the lower surface.

trainplane35 days ago

Those were added late last year. They're using the new "EPOOT" font.

zarpman5 days ago

It could be an urban myth, but I remember hearing (perhaps in a tour) that the holes between the panels were intentional, and that a gutter system routed rainwater from Spaceship Earth into the lagoon to prevent water from running down the sphere onto guests below during showers. If this is true, I wonder how the installation of these lights might affect this. I’ve been to Epcot during torrential downpours and there is definitely water that pools up around the base, but that could just be too much water for the gutter system to handle. Or this myth has just been communicated so much that it becomes Disney legend (like the black portions of the Swan and Dolphin being earmarked for future monorail expansion). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯