Permits filed for lighting equipment at Spaceship Earth

Dec 17, 2020 in "Spaceship Earth"

Spaceship Earth overview

Disney has filed a number of permits this week for lighting equipment at EPCOT's Spaceship Earth.

The first permit, to be carried out by Pro Sound and Video, is for "Lighting controls, Equipment and Low Voltage Terminations." The second, assigned to InterAmerica Stage, is for "installation of lighting supports." (Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permits)

It isn't clear if the work will take place on the inside or outside of Spaceship Earth, but we do know that a new exterior lighting package is coming to Spaceship Earth. It is possible that these permits may be related to that work. There is also the possibility this may be related to work on the new fountain currently under construction beneath Spaceship Earth. As is often the case with permits, there isn't enough information to be sure of the exact location or scope of the work.

Pro Sound and Video has been involved in many Walt Disney World projects, and works closely with Walt Disney World, including work on Pandora - The World of Avatar.

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Article Posted: Dec 17, 2020 / 4:07pm ET

marni19714 hours ago


sedati4 hours ago

Which is why this view should exist in the Park proper, not in an area that is the equivalent of the space in front of the Mickey floral at the Magic Kingdom.

marni19716 hours ago

I think I’ve already said it but we plan on getting our coffees and coming back to the plaza to sit and drink them.

Animaniac93-986 hours ago

The new entrance is nice, but the quality of these additions/renovations go downhill quickly once you walk past SSE.

marni19717 hours ago

Nope. Although they were in some pre opening art.

dreday37 hours ago

The front entrance is starting to look really nice! Honestly, I don't even remember the old one because hardly ever entered through there, used International Gateway. Were the flag poles always there? Yes I'm assuming?

Father Robinson8 hours ago

I hear you. I honestly can't believe it wasn't designed to be brought out to the lagoon daily like ROE was.

marni197110 hours ago

The mistake on the lake. But that would be another one too. So sad.

begood52410 hours ago

Maybe they'll put the flags up today to "make up" for the Ridley Ring appearing in the lagoon!

Father Robinson11 hours ago

By oil rigs, I assume you mean the skeleton of Innoventions West?

Father Robinson11 hours ago

I love how the poles went up but we still have to WAIT to see the flags. I mean maybe it's me, but unless the flags haven't been made yet, what good reason could there be for not flying them when all the poles were installed? I don't like sounding negative, and I know I do here, but come on, haven't we waited long enough for this entrance area to be COMPLETE?? They're flags!!!

marni197111 hours ago

I'd replace the oil rigs first.

Father Robinson12 hours ago

Attention, Disney

Animaniac93-9822 hours ago

Just need to replace the trees in front with palms. :)