EPCOT's Spaceship Earth debuts new Fourth of July lighting design

Jul 01, 2022 in "Spaceship Earth"

Posted: Friday July 1, 2022 3:18pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's Spaceship Earth will celebrate the Fourth of July this year with a new ambient lighting design.

The limited-time ambient lighting design celebrating Independence Day will begin tonight July 1 and run through July 4 2022.

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DisoneJul 05, 2022

Maybe balance? More likely Cheapek🤔

Disney AnalystJul 05, 2022

Nope. My only thought is they decided to cut the 4... for... a reason we do not yet know.

donsullivanJul 05, 2022

That wouldn't explain the 2 missing on the west side though.

Disney AnalystJul 05, 2022

Yeah, I believe the DE launches are additions, not moving anything. It may very well be with Tron the launch near there can’t be used currently, hard to know.

gerararJul 05, 2022

My interpretation of that was 2 new launch sites were added for DE (project Nugget). The existing launch sites near the main one behind MK still exist and were used last night as far as I can tell. But maybe I read that thread/permits wrong. 🤷‍♀️

jrhwdwJul 05, 2022

I figured it had to do with moving the Launch Points all around for DE.........but I'm no Insider.

gerararJul 05, 2022

Tron at the time was just the barebones of the coaster, no building yet. So it was deemed safe at the time. Currently, there's all sorts of stuff happening in the exterior – canopy, railroad, walkway/flyover, etc. So maybe Disney deemed it as a risk....or they're just being cheap and cut it back for this year.. Unused launch site near Tron: It's awfully close, wonder if it'll ever be used again due to the possible fallout on the canopy. If said canopy is fire-resistant, then there should be no possible risk I guess.

jrhwdwJul 05, 2022

How long has Tron's construction been going on???? We had 360 for New Years 2020.

gerararJul 05, 2022

So 8 total launch sites (6 of the originals + 2 new from DE). Looks nice, but hopefully the full 360° returns for next year, and not a permanent cut..

Disney AnalystJul 05, 2022

Actually, looking at this video from last night, there was an extra launch site that was missing on the 3rd, so they did get it symmetrical last night. One to each side of the island launch, one to each side of the main launch site behind castle.

TrainsOfDisneyJul 05, 2022

Looking on social media I was happy to see the return of the “echo” voices of liberty and they even added extra lighting in the Rotunda! Hearing the Battle Hymn with the echo choir is one of the most incredible things to experience live.

Disney AnalystJul 05, 2022

Does anyone have any idea what would cause them to cut the 360? Is it budget? Are the launch sites not useable right now? It especially seems odd to not even do the proper 180, they don't even have it symmetrical. @marni1971 ??

Disney GlimpsesJul 05, 2022

Glad to see the EPCOT finale was back to its pre-COVID shell count. Disappointed to see only 5 of 11 launch sites used at MK. Hopefully, that will return.

iMaxJul 05, 2022

I feel like the 360° perimeters will be back once Tron construction is finished.