VIDEO - Walkthrough of Space Mountain's new exit tunnel

Nov 16, 2018 in "Space Mountain"

Space Mountain updated exit tunnel 2018
Posted: Friday November 16, 2018 10:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The exit tunnel at the Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain has reopened after a lengthy refurbishment that has seen some fairly significant changes.

First, the Speedramp has been removed, leaving guests to power their own way out of the mountain.

The show scenes remain for the walk out, although the second half of the exit is now largely empty except for LED lighting.

The former arcade area has been used as part of the extended exit tunnel, which now exits into a more central location in the gift shop.

Check out the video for a walk-through of the new Space Mountain exit tunnel.

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RSoxNo1Sep 05, 2020

Wasn't there a scene in the Tomorrowland movie where she's walking through water? Don't you just need to touch the pin or something and that water goes away?

WondersOfLifeSep 05, 2020

The moving ramp helped.

ProgSep 05, 2020

My bad I was thinking a water table issue if the entirety of Tomorrowland was flooding and especially at its lowest point

lazyboy97oSep 05, 2020

The area drains are not just holes into the utilidor.

Animaniac93-98Sep 05, 2020

Space Mountain? More like Splash Mountain.

WDW862Sep 05, 2020

When did they fix the flooding issues in front of COP? 2016?

MansionButler84Sep 05, 2020

How did you make it back to Tomorrowland to begin with? We should all be thankful to Disney that even in this crazy pandemic world, they are still able to provide us with a dose of normalcy as we travel through a Tomorrowland under 5 inches of water and you are immediately transported back to 2013.

techgeekSep 05, 2020

All of Tomorrowland flooding and having pooling water / drainage issues is a thing that’s been seemingly forever. I assume there’s no quick fix or it would have been solved years ago... I think of it sort of as MK’s own ‘yeti problem’.

WondersOfLifeSep 05, 2020

I tell ya, I walked that new path for the first time last week and jesus christ did that insanely long walk keep us from getting back on Space Mountain again. That was insane. I miss those moving ramps.

ppete1975Sep 04, 2020

sorry i have bladder issues..... and its a scary ride

JohnDSep 04, 2020

All of Tomorrowland, in fact.

gerararSep 04, 2020

Apologies for the (huge) bump! But rather than make a new thread, thought the existing SM exit thread would be a better fit. A friend of mine was in MK today and sent this picture to me. The Space Mountain exit ramp was flooded today, most likely from the rain that’s been pouring over the MK. They had guests walk through it apparently, soaking their shoes. This is what it normally looks like: Also not sure if anyone noted this, but I just noticed that ever since the renovated ramp exit was reopened late 2018, lots of cosmetic changes were added since. For comparison, first picture is from Dec 2018, bottom is from mid 2019. Regardless, how the heck did that much water leak through the roof and into the building?!?

The Empress LillyJan 09, 2019

The name Space Mountain really comes from the fact that there were the Bobsleds of Matterhorn Mountain in Disneyland's Tomorrowland (which appropriately moved over to Fantasyland) and that for a full fledged outerspace would be a mountain...a Space Mountain for Tomorrowland....and thus it has been. Now, story wise....Space Mountain is a nickname or a code name. The one in Florida is actually Space Station 75, but due to it's architecture as it orbits in Space, it does, to a visiting spaceship, look like some otherworldy snow covered mountain floating in space....thus Space Mountain.

The Empress LillyJan 09, 2019

Your last statement is important: an exit serves to move people out as people are coming up behind you. So there are two solutions: 1) A plain, boring exit so nobody lingers 2) A fun, themed, exciting exit that moves the guests out through other means than boring ugliness As your list so painfully shows, 1 is modern WDW design philosophy, 2 classic WDW. (Although it is mostly even worse: classic designers managed to not have long exits to begin with) The Space ramp also served the function of keeping the guests moving despite the exit being a veritable darkride. A function now lost.