Changes to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Feb 29, 2016 in "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday February 29, 2016 8:32am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Liberty Square Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom starting location is now closed.

The location behind the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe was one of two starting points to begin playing the interactive game. All guests must now start playing from the Main Street U.S.A. location at the Firehouse in Town Square.

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dreamfinderJun 20, 2016

Eh, operating under the theory that the cut backs are temporary, why rip out the infrastructure? Not sure of the exact specifics for this setup, but I'd suspect that there are power/network drops and anchor points/foundation for the podium and props. So if you take them out, you need to redo the ground, and doing that just gives management a reason not to ever bring it back. Not that a few hours of labor should keep WDW from doing something like this, so I'll stick with my optimistic temporary argument.

BoltJun 17, 2016

Wonder if operates during busier weeks

wdriveJun 17, 2016

I didn't really mind them closing this location but they still haven't cleaned it up. So many guests walking past wondering where the cast member is or why it is closed.

shannon12Mar 02, 2016

I didn't even know there was a Liberty Square location! haha

Dole Whip Happy HourMar 01, 2016

We used the Liberty Square location a few times, soo happy we didn't have to take the time to walk all the way back to the beginning of Main Street, and THEN have to wait in another line for who knows how long. This spot was great when you had a problem, lost card, or a question, The cast members there were some of the nicest we ever met on our trips when dealing with our small but frustrating issues. My kids loved playing this, at the time,aged 12 and 8. We would do as many as we could between fastpasses and all the other stuff we wanted to see, keeping the Disney excitement going. I don't know if my kids would play it again next time we go, but I think if we did, and we had some sort of problem, I think we would seriously consider just giving up playing, instead of using an hour of our Disney time walking back and waiting for help.

dreamfinderMar 01, 2016

Eh, the eBay market is pretty saturated/worn out now except for the rares and the party cards. Single cards might go for a buck or so, not sure if it's worth the effort once you account for eBay/Paypal fees.

JoeCamelMar 01, 2016

Maybe fleabay and maybe they just want to give them away to new players. Unless you play the game you don't know how it works

dvitaliMar 01, 2016

Never like the Pirates Adventure game in Adventure Land . Carry several maps around in one land is hard to stuff in one pocket compare to a pack of cards.

djkidkazFeb 29, 2016

Yeah I usually see about 3-4 grown adults with their satchels of cards rushing through the game for more free packs they can sell on eBay.

RuttFeb 29, 2016

my sons love this and play every time we are there. There's always a wait at the portals too. Guess it depends on the day but it always seems to be busy when we're there. That being said we always go to the firehall.

asianwayFeb 29, 2016

61-70 were in the packs during beta testing

dreamfinderFeb 29, 2016

Pretty sure since day 1 you had to purchase the ultra rares. Cards 1-60 are randomly distributed through packs, cards 61-70 are only available via the booster pack sales.

Chicagoshannon2Feb 29, 2016

Wait, you have to purchase the rare cards now? That's crummy. Half the fun was seeing what cards you got in the pack. My kids love this game.

WDWBryanFeb 29, 2016

The game was ruined for me when they released the rare cards and you had to purchase them. Was enjoyable when they could all be collected and traded for free