Slinky Dog Dash test rides to begin next week with Disney Cast Members

Jun 08, 2018 in "Slinky Dog Dash"

Posted: Friday June 8, 2018 7:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Toy Story Land opens June 30 2018, but unlike most other recent attraction openings, there has been no previews for Cast Members or guests.

This looks set to change next week as limited testing with Cast Members will take place June 14 - 18.

Don't expect to see Annual Passholder previews or any significant period of soft openings ahead of the June 30 opening. The timeline for completing the land remains very tight.

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FigmentFan829 days ago

*cries in Honey I Shrunk Playground

Animaniac93-9811 days ago

Indeed. While many of us understand what New Fantasyland was trying to do, we also recognize the execution was less than ideal. Again, look at Tokyo. It did many of the same things, but better, and not just Beast's castle. Belle's village is larger, both in terms of scale and number of buildings for example. It's not perfect either. Beast's castle absolutely looks better from some angles than others, the painted backdrop above the theater may not have been the best choice, but it's overall is a clear improvement over what was done a decade earlier.

UNCgolf11 days ago

Well they definitely don't work.

Rich Brownn12 days ago

The turrets are suppose to indicate the passage to/from the forest to the town

Disneyhead'7112 days ago

The thing that throws me for a loop, even accepting the storybook trope, is the entrance to Be Our Guest looks miles from the Castle. Like we have to walk through the Mines of Moria to get there. But BOOM (cue the music) "Try the grey stuff...". With NFL, I find it best to turn off the analytics and just enjoy the plethora of "Ooo, pretty." Even then the Castle Courtyard turrets push my limits. They ugly.

Bocabear12 days ago

Eric's castle doesn't bother me a bit... It is larger, nicely designed and looks good in it's placement within the setting. There is nothing glaringly wrong to me about this, and that Queue is pretty amazing... The Beasts Castle is just too small.. Perhaps if there were some larger parts in the foreground at the top and the tower structure pushed father back it would feel more distant... but as it stands it appears as a small set dropped on the top of the rock...not like it was built there... Eric's castle looks better seated...

UNCgolf12 days ago

This is probably harder for people to notice since you just kind of walk right past it without every lingering -- that ride has a massive queue that's never close to being full. It works much better from a distance than the Beast's Castle, though. As for the turrets, well, I've never understood why they are even there. They don't make any sense. Regardless, I agree that New Fantasyland as a whole has numerous issues, although it's still dramatically better than the topic of this thread.

MisterPenguin12 days ago

Are you sure those aren't giants?

Disneyhead'7112 days ago

I'm not saying the storybook thing worked as intended or was even a good decision. I just remember seeing an interview with an Art Director from Imagineering where he explained it using phrases like "a page ripped from a storybook" and gave a anecdote about how in a storybook they use pastel watercolors and will put a small castle on a hill to make it look way off in the distance. It was full of Disney speak and I remember thinking then that it probably wasn't going to work. Anyway, why is it that people only complain about the wonky forced perspective of Beast's Castle? The forced perspective is wonky all over New Fantasyland. Someone mentioned Prince Eric's Castle. The forced perspective there is as bad if not worse than Beast's Castle because in the queue, you get right up on it going through the stone arch. You can clearly see that the railing above you is like 10 inches high and the the lighthouse thing is small. And don't get me started on the God awful forced perspective on the new Castle Courtyard turrets.

Bocabear12 days ago

I wholeheartedly agree, but Maybe they thought it would look better than it does....It clearly looks bad, they should fix that...they added extra rock work after the area opened... so it would not be unheard of to make a change here.

mm5220013 days ago

Literally not a thing. Not a concept for the land. It’s called Enchanted Forest. But regardless, every video they went out of their way to say it’s the Beasts castle from the film. Not anything else.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

Not doubting you, but it's odd that the castle is in a style of a water color but nothing else about the facade or surroundings is also in a style of a water color.

lazyboy97o13 days ago

The area was called Fantasy Forest. No other part of the land, as originally designed or with Mine Train, follows this supposed direction.

Disneyhead'7113 days ago

I think it works ok if you think about it in the storybook context when you are looking at it, but no one does because Disney has already trained us to expect "realistic" forced perspective. So we see wonky sizes and what appears to be sun faded paint instead of "watercolor". Interesting, but probably not the best artistic choice.